Guest posting for beginners

Guest posting for beginners

As you already might know, guest blogging is one of the best ways in order to get high-quality backlinks, targeted traffic, new audience and be more visible online

The question is, how to start up with guest blogging so it’ll turn out to be successful. In this article I’ll give you a general overview on what not to miss when writing guest posts.

1) At first, target new blogs:

Especially when just starting up, getting your posts accepted in pro-blogging sites is quite hard. That’s why targeting new blogs is a more efficient path to consider. Them, as you, are just starting to build up their reputation and traffic.  So, it’s highly recommendable to follow that path until you’ve gained some experience. The main goal is to build up the confidence to eventually be able to comment even a random blog without hesitation.  It’s a psychological game!

2) Do not hurry!

In order to keep it all sustainable, it’s crucial to move on slowly, as you’ll slowly gain more reputation and extra readers for your blog too. In between, you can just manage your blog and add content to it.  At the beginning, don’t guest post more often than once or twice a month. You can later easily increase your pace, for instance to four to  six times a month.

3) Interact with established bloggers.

Social media gives you the opportunity to make connections with other established bloggers. If you’re starting up, then keep in mind, that you have lots to learn from them. So, making good (maybe even personal) connections can help you a lot on your path to gain recognition as a blogger. You can personally connect with them via Facebook or Twitter, or you can just actively comment their threads within those social media sites. Firstly, it allows them to recognise you, secondly, it allows their readers to recognise you. As you have made yourself seen, they’ll allow your guest posts more easily. Don’t fear getting rejected, practice makes perfect. Also the best way to learn is from your own mistakes. If you get rejected, you still have some options available: if you consider the post truly decent, you can try posting it to another blog or even to your own website. You can, of course, do nothing, and stop writing, but this isn’t the winners mentality, is it?

Some helpful tips:

– Avoid copying others content by all means. As the truth could come out (eventually it will), your reputation will be utterly ruined. It will demolish your credibility and just leaves a very bad impression of your blog.

– Consider who are the readers of your guest posts. Thereby, adjust your writing style to be something they’re more familiar with.  It’ll increase your threads chances of being accepted, as well as can easily make you recognised within the bloggers audience. So, when the blogs general writing style includes long paragraphs, it’s recommendable to make your post similar.

– Keep in mind that when using images and you don’t own the images copyrights, then you should give the credit for the images copyrights owners too.

– Promotion is the key in successful blogging. Thereby, when your post has been accepted, don’t forget to promote it via social media. If the content is beneficial, then your audience will be keen to share it.  It’ll boost up your image of online presence, as well as helps to acquire good relationships with the blogs owner. So, social media is your advantage and when used correctly, it’ll most surely lead to success.

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