Heatmap Theme Pro V5 Review – Ad-Specific Theme for Creating Your Money-Making Sites

Heatmap Theme review - best adsense wordpress themeThe Heatmap Theme’s the Theme to Get When You Want to Increase Your Online Revenue

Almost every system you can purchase nowadays for your WordPress site is about making your life easier by excluding the mess-around-with-the-code obligation and promising better income and SEO results. It’s kind of scary when the lust for gold takes over the main thing: to give people something new and original. Luckily, this mentality is in a downward spiral thanks to Google and the quality content requirement is being enforced again.

But You Were Supposed to be Talking About the Heatmap Theme – That’s Why I Came Here For!

Heatmap Theme Pro V5 Review it is! Back to the theme at hand then. Heatmap Theme Pro V5 is developed by StuartCindy Art and is a WordPress theme creator that mainly revolves around the issue of ad placement on your site. As always, it’s one of those products that you can use without writing code – you just copy and paste it in a field if need be.


Heatmap Theme Pro V5 hands you control of 23 widget positions where you can place ads to any way you want. The new “Laser-targeted ad placement” function enhances the impact of the ads by letting you insert them into the content of your pages. This option is a nice change to the flashy boxes you see on the screen. You can also make the ads rotate randomly, that way it will create more variation and visitors will not ignore them that easily. You can edit Heatmap Theme Pro V5 ad widgets from the Widget manager and add Facebook like, as well as Twitter Tweet and Google plus 1 buttons.

Enough About Ads, What Else is There?

Let’s not forget – Heatmap is a Theme. You can create child themes with it and also make it thinner with the squeeze mode. Basically you get a decent theme framework that’s not only about ads when you buy the Heatmap Theme. You get to choose from over thirty premade and good looking skins. If you have made an ultimate money-making site with the Heatmap Theme Pro V5 and would like some more similar sites then sit back and relax! The import/export plugin lets you export all your Heatmap Theme settings, so that you could duplicate your sites as much as you want.

Affiliate Functions

Have you thought about making reviewing products a profitable business? Hell, I’m writing a review as we speak. If you have affiliate review sites then you can make use of the affiliate link features like affiliate links texts and images. Drive traffic to your affiliate sites and earn some coin.

SEO Functions

Heatmap Theme has a basic SEO plugin tool which is easy to use. You are not forced to use it if you already have another, which I think is cool, because some other systems out there limit you with their built in SEO functions while you could be using something more effective. You’ve got that freedom here.

Other Interesting Things

Create drop down menus, show or hide categories, upload your logo and favicon. Page templates can be used for posts and there’s also an ads-off page/post template available. If you’ve got the skill, you can make CSS changes to the theme as well.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Since Heatmap Theme is based on increasing ad functionalities, it does not have the full power of, say, Thesis 2.0 and Catalyst. Heatmap isn’t as expensive as these two either. But it does allow you to do a whole lot with ads and has quite a bunch of skins. The affiliate functions are also welcome. To compare the Heatmap Theme with Thesis 2.0 and Catalyst, then it should be said that they are made for different purposes. And if you are looking to promote yourself or make some cash, then you can safely go with Heatmap.


67 dollars is the cost for which you get a lifetime membership with updates and unlimited site licences included.

The Final Opinion

For this price the Heatmap Theme Pro V5 will prove to be a worthwhile purchase. I like it.

If you’re looking to buy Heatmap Theme Pro V5 be sure to check out the Click Missile Plugin too. When these two join forces then it will be a blast!

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