How do I Get More Visitors to my Website?

The first and the best way to increase the number of visitors to your website is through blogging.  The more you blog, the more visitors that will come to your site over time.  Visitors that come through Google are the most targeted because people voluntarily type a variety of keywords in Google to get information.

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Another way to get more visitors to your website is through paid advertising (PPC – Pay Per Click).  In this form of advertising, you will pay the advertising provider a click-based fee. Example: If you type into Google “car sale”, then the first three results and the links on the right side are paid advertisements.  By clicking on one of those ads, the advertiser automatically pays a click-based fee to Google.  The price of the click depends on the competition of the advertisers.

I will add two of the best paid advertising networks:
1. Google Adwords –
2. Facebook advertising center –

If paid advertising proves to be too technically difficult, then it is not a necessity.  Blogging is still the best way to get incoming visits free of charge.  If you wish, you can also hire someone to set the ads.

These are the two main ways that I personally use so I’m not going to point out other advertising options.  Also, I do not want get things too complicated.

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