How Do I Turn Visitors into Customers?

It is very difficult to sell something to a person over the internet that he/she is not directly interested in.  Example: A lot of people who come upon my blog have never heard of Empower Network.  They don’t know what it is and how it could benefit them.  I have to make it clear to people and explain to them how they can profit from it.  The best way to achieve contact with a person is through email marketing.

The main goal is to get the occasional visitor to join your email list.  After that you can introduce people to the money-making opportunities of Empower Network.

This post that you are currently reading is also sent through my email list.  It is very important to use an autoresponder because without it your business is incomplete. In order to earn money, you definitely have to use it.

Tomorrow I will explain more thoroughly what an autoresponder is and how to configure it.

I’ll bring up the other important point once again:
It is of utmost importance that all your compiled posts are interesting and help people get answers to their questions.
Example: You have compiled a post entitled “How to Get More Visitors to Your Website”.  A person reaches your post through Google, and finds out the answers to his/her questions.  In this case, he/she will be interested in what you have yet to offer him/her.  He/she will also read the other posts and potentially join the mailing list.

The more visits your blog gets, the more money you will make.

Number of visitors + quality information = success

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