How Often Should I Blog and What Kind of Information Should I Provide?

You should blog daily with at least one post per day.  Writing a post does not take long, especially when you write about things that you are interested in.  The more posts you make, the more visitors you will have to your website.  Visits and interesting information = success.

NB: Other people’s written content may not be copied.  Firstly, duplicate articles never achieve good positions in Google search results.  Secondly, the style and voice of the blog would not be unique – blogs should leave the visitor with the impression that it was written by one person. Try to connect with the reader and always offer good-quality and interesting content.

Be sure to make a Facebook page and add a box to your website.

If people find that your written content is interesting and useful to them, then they also “like” the Facebook page.  Then you can send interesting information to people via Facebook.

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