How to Backup and Restore WordPress Site

Best Plugin to Backup WordPress - BackupBuddy The easiest way to do this would be by using a specific plugin designed for the task. Among all the other free and paid plugins, I’ve got two words in one for you: BackupBuddy. This WordPress backup plugin amounts to everything from how to backup WordPress files to backing up WordPress database. It doesn’t cost too much and will pay off if you value your site’s safety. Here’s what I’m talking about.

BackupBuddy for WordPress

There are two main backup choices: either you do a full backup or a backup of your WordPress database. Once you have created a backup file you can store it in a cloud site (Amazon S3, Rackspace etc.) or the BackupBuddy Stash which you can access straight from the plugin itself. Follow that with the site restore and you’re back on track!

Interesting Features

In my opinion, site migration is a very cool option that also comes with BackupBuddy. Not only is it less difficult that building your site up from nothing, it also creates a possibility of making your very own blog network with relative ease.


Now, one of the primary reasons you want to have backup software is the fact that you yourself wouldn’t always have to remember when to do backups. BackupBuddy takes over backup procedures after you have determined the schedule for when they should take place.

Would You Need it?

Yes, you would, because backups are an integral part of your success that help you overcome major setbacks when your site is attacked or your server goes down. I’m sure I don’t even have to mention the fact it would be a major bummer if you have a money-making site that ceases to exist one day.


A further guide to backups can be found in this BackupBuddy Review.

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