How to boost affiliate marketing with your landing pages?

Boosting affiliate marketing with your landing pagesAn experienced business owner should know that attracting new customers isn’t cheap nor easy. Instead of experimenting with new, sometimes unknown market methods, you should try to increase conversions with your affiliates existing visitors.

Before getting started, you should let your affiliates know of your plans, so they could take the necessary steps for making their content and links consistent with your landing pages. Once that done, you can begin according to the tips below.

You need your visitors full attention.

There can be no distractions, once you get the visitor onto your page, he/she has to do exactly what the page is designed for. For example, if the main goal is them subscribing a newsletter, then long articles and links, leading to other websites, have to be avoided. Keep it simple and just place the form with easily understandable instructions in the center of page. This is completely psychological and gives the visitor a mindset, that has only one goal, subscribing a newsletter. Everything else has been eliminated.

 Keep the design simple.

Everything which is uncomfortable, is uninteresting. Now, try to imagine a visitor on your page, trying to figure out what’s the page about. Once the page has loaded, the visitors should know, what you offer them, in a glimpse of an eye. You have to have their attention fastly and keeping it simple, clear and explicit does the job perfectly. There are many strategies how to capture the visitors attention: a compelling headline, a short but concrete summary, etc. Build the whole thing up on a logial sequence, so the final step and the main goal would be the visitor taking action.

Keep the process simple.

The beauty lies in simplicity. Once you put your mind to it, it seems to be true, doesn’t it? That’s why you should keep even the information forms, which you may require visitors to fill out, simple too. If it’s too complex, you run the risk of people not completing the sign-up. Essential things should be required, but don’t go too into detail. Furthermore, keep the labels, allignation etc. clear and logical and provide examples of credit card and phone numbers.

Include some real recommendations.

Ask those, who have already tried the product to have a say of their own as well. People are more willing to trust a human face instead of a plain text. Make use of your satisfied customers. Avoid phony phrases and get them to write more detailed feedback, including the real beneficial impact of the product. Avoid fake reviews or the PR-disaster might be quick to come.

Keep it logical.

When updating your landing pages, keep in mind that they have to connect to the page the visitor originally is interested in. For example, when the reader is originally visiting a page, which helps them to create their own online business, then the advertised links should lead to a page which has the same or a similar theme. That’s why you have to be aware of the content , which your site is linked to, in your affiliates blog.

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