How to Build Your Email List

Use Atomic Email Hunter to Grow Your Email List FastBuilding your email list doesn’t always have to be a tricky thing to do if you have the right tools. Actually, if you want access to potential email marketing leads, you need only use an email extractor software to put your finger on how to build an email list quickly. I’m going to reveal some dirty little information on how you can use Atomic Email Hunter to get a bunch of emails to fill your list.

How to Build Email List From Scratch

Atomic email extractor tool is an email address hunter software that can get you loads of email addresses within a short timespan. What you do is designate a target website URL or keywords and sit back. The speed of results depends on the search type you determined: if you want it fast, then the respective search option is a must, if you have time to spare, then take the detailed search and be assured you’ll get what you’re waiting for.

Email Scanner Software + Email Harvesting Software = Atomic Email Hunter

The bottom line is that this email hunter, with your input, will determine the locations of email addresses and presents them to you. To narrow down the search to ensure relevant email addresses will be picked up for your specific choice of niche, you can make use of the filtering possibilities of Atomic Email Hunter such as determining URL length and what it contains. You can also set the tool to skip domains that do not contain much email addresses and ignore hidden ones.

Extract Emails from a Website – Control the Amount of Email Addresses Harvested

If you’re worried about getting banned for accessing a website too much, you can specify the maximum number of emails per site in order to remain neutral.

So, how to build your email list? Here’s a thought – use this software. See the full review of Atomic Email Hunter for more info.

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