How to Create an Online Store with WordPress

How to Create an Online Store with WordPressThe great thing about Internet, aside from its countless other useful nuances, is that you can make money online by working at home. For example, if you have a WordPress blog and you would like to start earning some cash on the side, you can use themes to create an online store with WordPress. The question is, how to do that and by what means?


There’s a premium WorPress theme out there that can help you get started. It’s called ShopperPress and it’s easy to set up. Once you have downloaded the theme file on yoour computer, access your WordPress admin panel, navigate to „Appearances“ and install the theme. Depending on the instructions how to install your theme, you most likely have to enter a licence key to activate it.


Now, when you want to create your own online shop, you need to have products, designing options, integrated payment gateways and options for both managing orders as well as products themselves.

ShopperPress comes with all the necessary functions: you get support for payment gateways like PayPal, Google Checkout, and some others, 20 ready-made store designs that you can customize, as well as an in-store orders and product fields management system with which you can designate your sales campaign and even create coupons! Coupons are good for business as they can attract customers.

ShopperPress Affiliate Functions

There’s more: if you don’t have your own products at first, it would be wise to become an affiliate and import products from the likes of Amazon and eBay. You can do it all with ShopperPress.

The theme is SEO-friendly and you can use other SEO add-ons you might have with it too.


This was just a brief introduction, you can see the full review here.

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