How to Create Opt-In Forms in WordPress

Opt-In Form Builder plugin for WordPress Opt-in forms are great way to acquire potential subscribers if you have a targeted email marketing campaign going on. But these opt-in forms have to be really good for people to type their name and email into them. There’s a tool called OptinBar that will solve the dilemma you might be having when it comes to opt-in forms. And to answer your question on how to create opt-in forms in WordPress: use OptinBar.

Professional Opt-in Forms

I for one do not trust nor like very flashy forms or popups that demand attention. OptinBar forms are more modest, yet very appealing. There are many templates, button styles and color combinations for you to choose from, so make the best of it.


The WYSIWYG editor makes things really simple and you can customize nearly everything when it comes to defining how your optin-forms should look like. If you’re looking for people to opt-in to your email list, then you better guarantee the quality and authoritative looks of your site, which OptinBar can help you with.

Major Email Services Support

MailChimp, aWeber, InstantCustomer and so on – there are more of those that can be used with OptinBar. So if you’re into email marketing or advertising, you’ll be glad to know that OptinBar can help you to get people opt-in their email address.

One More Cool Feature

I forgot to mention that you can also add videos to your opt-in forms. Recently I saw one: it popped down nicely from the right side of my screen and instantly started playing an embedded video. The video tactic is a good trick from a marketer’s viewpoint as it sometimes proves to be more intriguing than just reading plain text.


This was just a little taste of the plugin, you can get it all from the entire review of OptinBar.

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