How to Get Automatic Backlinks

Get Backlinks to Your Site by Utilizing LinkPipelineAutomatic backlink software is a cool thing to have if the clock is ticking. But automation may result in unpleasant surprises, so it’s up to you to use it or not. But if you fancy the idea, I’ll give you a lowdown of a software that can get backlinks to your site – LinkPipeline.

What is LinkPipeline

It is a link indexing service that builds links to your already existing links. It comes in different versions, each of which has a larger per day URL processing than the other.

Get Backlinks to Your Site – How Do You Get Started 

You will have to choose the site you want links built to. You also need to designate the category of that website, so LinkPipeline can find sources that are content-relevant.

What are the Benefits of LinkPipeline

Imagine examining site by site to get good link juice. Not only does it eat up all your time, important as it is, but it is also frustrating to know the time slips right through your fingers and that you could be doing other things instead. LinkPipeline can get you backlinks fast, so your time does not go out of the window.

Possible Negative Aspects

Although the timesaver benefit is evident, you still have to consider that an algorithm is not a human – that is, it may not get you the desired backlinks, because the only method it can verify quality is through content comparison – but that content may simply be words or phrases that are stuffed into a text as keywords. Google doesn’t like that – Google likes real quality.


Make up your mind by getting the full account of the software in this review of LinkPipeline.

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