How to get my audience coming back?

how to acquire sustainable traffic for your blogIncreasing your blogs traffic isn’t hard, if you know some basic steps. What’s a lot harder, is getting your audience to come back! So, in this article, I’ll give you some useful tips on the matter of how to get your visitors to come back and read again!

 1) Get their e-mail addresses:

By getting your visitors e-mail addresses, you can just send them a newsletter, whenever you publish a new article.  They’ll feel your presence, thereby your websites traffic increases.  Keep in mind that the main goal is to build up a sustainable „clientbase“ in order to increase traffic, not to make money. In the future, a decent e-mail list can turn out to become a very profitable source of income.  In order to expand your e-mail list, you should use some kind of marketing strategies, such as offer something for free (eBooks, themes). Also, you have to make sure, that the content of your blog has good quality – nobody wants to read crappy articles, thereby, if the content isn’t good, you’ll most surely see the websites traffic decreasing.

2) Social media is your advantage:

Nowadays, there is no better place to distribute information than social media. As Facebook and Twitter together have almost 2 billion users, think about, how many potential visitors you might have, once you try to promote your site via social media. They’re the best platforms to use for promotion! If the content of your site is interesting and useful, curiosity amongst visitors is guaranteed, thereby most of them will be coming back and the word about your site will spread like a virus.

3) Series posts:

It’s highly recommendable to create an interesting series post system on a popular and/or useful topic. They’ll definitely drag extra attention to your site, therefore increase traffic. If the post is any good, then your visitors will most surely come back to read the sequels. Moreover, you have the option to get your readers e-mail addresses by asking them to subscribe. If they find the first posts useful, they’ll definitely come back for more!

4) Include interviews:

Interviewing someone influencial within your niche will drag lots of attention. He/she might be a new star or a old dog in the block, what matters, is that they somehow stand out from the mass. You may even create a separate section strictly for interviews alone and update it on a regular basis. What is more, the interviews might get lots of shares, likes and/or tweets within social media. It’s a great strategy in order to acquire some highly sustainable traffic for your blog, you’ll see the results in no time!

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