How to get started with affiliate marketing?

get started with affiliate marketingIf you’re already running a blog, you should be aware of how rewarding it might become when connecting correctly with your audience.  You even may have turned it into a some kind of income, yet you may not know about the most rewarding way of how to turn it into a really high income – affiliate marketing. Shortly explained: it’s a system operating on the terms of you sending the visitors via advertisements to the merchants site, and then getting a commission when a purchase has been made.

How to get started:

Well, the first thing to decide is that how much do you want to focus on just affiliate marketing. If you put all your focus on it, you might just generate a standalone marketing website, advertising all the best products available. If you value your blogs/websites informatical content more, then you could just use it here and there in order to get a hefty extra income. It’s easier to go for the latter option, so in this article I’ll focus on that path alone. So, the next step is to discover your niche. In this step you’re the king, therefore you know what’s the best niche for you. For example when having a blog about golf, you might find it rewarding when advertising golf wear, golf equipment and/or golf accessories. You’ll be more successful when the products are closely connected to the thematics of your website/blog.

Choosing an affiliate program:

There are numerous affiliate programs available, each offering a different contract. You’ll need to put your mind really into them to get the best-suiting one. For instance, the most popular ones of them are Amazon Associates program (you can promote any product in Amazon), TradeDoubler (has lots of traders) and ClickBank ( offers lots of web-based products). For many bloggers, using only Amazons solution, has turned out to be enough.  They get a 5 percent commission every time a purchase has been made.

Inserting affiliate advertisements into your blog:

It isn’t as easy as it looks, as the tricky part is to avoid the looks of a spammy site. So when deciding on placement, your blog has to preserve the same, elegant, quality appearance, with some subtle advertisements here and there. When running purely an affiliate site, then, on the contrary, advertisements are the only thing you’ll need. For the majority, staying with the first option turns out to be better. There are a lot of options when deciding the final placement of the advertisements: putting them into existing (definitely relevant) articles, inserting them around the perimeter or just implementing a decent affiliate store for readers to buy from.

Some tips for being successful in affiliate marketing:

The path of how you decide to apply affiliate marketing to your website/blog is totally up to you. Despite that,  to get things started, the best way is to review a product and then link it. It’s a natural and a logical way to include such posts in your blog. Keep in mind, that being too positive isn’t good in this area of business, as it will only leave an impression of a product being unnecessarily hyped up – it might not be as good as you’re telling it to be. Eventually your readers will become hesitative and you’ll lose your hard-earned trust amongst them. Be realistic and skeptical (not overly skeptical), then give your visitors the option of buying the product for themselves. If you haven’t yet, then after doing that you’ll definitely get your well-deserved recognition. Affiliate ads also have the power of working on the sidebar of your blog – there the visitors will naturally expect to see an advertisement of some kind.

So, the three main points of affiliate marketing are: getting traffic, presenting a product, collecting commissions. Whatever your site sells, there’s a suitable affiliate program available for you, you’ll just have to find it out. If you’re site is already generating a lot of traffic, then you may really get surprised of how well it’ll increase your income.


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