How to get traffic to a new blog?

get traffic to a new blogIt’s not rare when new, fresh bloggers close their shop because their blog gets no or very little traffic. It’s simply because they have ignored some basic steps to take when starting up  a blog. So, in this article, I’ll give you a general overview on the matter of how to attract traffic to a fresh blog.

The main step when craving for an increase in traffic is correct networking. As information has to be spread fastly, social media is one of the best networks to start from.  Your blog will still be the place, where the content lies, but you can use social media (Facebook, Twitter) in order to promote that content, thereby attract more audience and traffic.

1) Comment, comment, comment!

Commenting is one of  the best ways to attract audience via social media. Commenting in the top blogs of your niche can get you loads of extra traffic. It’s crucial to keep in mind that commenting isn’t as easy as it seems. First of all, you have to be competent on the certain subject, secondly, one-liners won’t do the job – your comment has to have some value, as well as you have to have a decent writing style. The way you bring your thoughts to the public is as important as the thought itself. Small hint – type „your niche + blog“ into Google and the top blogs will appear.

2) Interact!

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc. can have a huge effect in increasing your blogs traffic. Join different groups, which are somehow related to your niche, comment, share your posts, promote others content and make contacts. It might seem hard at first, but when you really put your mind into it, it’ll become easier and highly rewarding. In Twitter, you can just follow top bloggers and retweet their posts – when they recognise you, they’ll be doing the same for you, thereby increasing your sites traffic.

3) Motion picture:

When starting up, it’s only about finding the best way to get visitors reading your blog, moreover, to get them coming back to your blog as well.  Thereby, having only plain text and some pictures might not have such a charming effect on your potential audience. You need to make people curious! Videos, for instance,  can just be the right thing to satisfy your visitors curiosity. So, you can just insert an approximately 2min long introductional video into your blog. What is more, you can use that video in your guest posts or comments and link them to your blog, you can even post the video into Youtube, Vimeo or Metacafe and link it to your blog. It’s a great way to drag that extra attention you crave for.

4) Quality matters!

You have to put a lot of effort into writing articles if you want to increase your traffic. Quality information is the greatest commodity in our current society. As you need to stand out from the vast majority of bloggers, providing quality information to your audience will surely have a positive effect. It doesn’t matter how much time the writing will consume, just make sure that the content is legitimate and has high quality. Creating great content will consume time! Also, keep in mind that your posts shouldn’t be too long – approximately 600-word posts will do just fine. Every now and then try to come up with longer (1200-1500 word) posts as well. When you publish long posts too often, your audience will lose interest in them. Moreover, you should once or twice a month publish highly beneficial and shocking „killer“ articles. In order to survive in the blogosphere, they’re the best way to keep your audience attracted. Also, publishing them can get you extra traffic from search engines.

5) Search Engine Optimisation:

Often newbie bloggers totally forget about the SEO. Well, firstly, it’s free, and secondly, it’s probably the main step leading your blog to success. Search engines can provide you with more traffic, you’ve ever even dreamed of. Thereby good keywords and a well written SEO can truly kick your blog off to the stars. Keep in mind that before publishing the articles, do a proper keyword analysis, in order to draw as much attention to the article as possible.

So, from here on, it’s all up to you! Good luck and good traffic!

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