How to increase my Affiliate Sales?

How to increase my Affiliate SalesAffiliate marketing is basically a web-based money making practice. The main idea is simple – if you promote a service or a product, then you’ll be rewarded. Nowadays, most of the bloggers have got into the affiliate marketing business, thereby earning extra money. Despite that, some bloggers (maybe you too) don’t have such success in the system. Chances are you’re doing something wrong. In this article i’ll give you some helpful tips for boosting your earnings up.

1) Get into guest posting!

Guest posts is a rewarding path to consider when looking for a way to boost your blogs traffic up. Firstly, if you’re competent on what you’re writing about, lots of positive feedback and clicks are guaranteed. Secondly, when posting in popular blogs, including affiliate links can turn out to be highly profitable. Yes, you’re right when you say that many sites don’t allow affiliate links in their guest posts, but when contaction the blogger, some terms could be negotiable (such as sharing the profit or a fixed commission). It’s definitely worth a shot!

2) Exchanging affiliate links.

Everything in our society is negotiable. Sometimes, when nothing gets right, you can offer the blogger a deal. You’ll post his affiliate links to your blog when he/she allows you to post your links to his blog. It’s as simple as it gets and both of you will benefit from the deal.

3) Writing product reviews.

If you’re any good at writing reviews, then you should try it out. It might be just the right thing for you. In this case, besides the review itself, a good-written SEO is the key. It can make the review to appear in the top of the search engines, thereby increasing sales and your earnings. But be aware that poorly written reviews may cause negative setbacks!

4) Promoting via social media.

Maybe you have noticed that social media has a big part in your and your friends daily life. That’s why promoting via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn is so beneficial. Apply affiliate links in your posts and get the products available for a wider audience. However, try not to spam too often. It might turn out to be harmful for your business. When executed correctly, you can definitely expect a significant increase in your earnings.

5) Free services.

Let’s say you’re in the business of providing your visitors with information about coupon code discounts. Moreover, you’ll even provide them the coupon codes. But actually, you’re advertising the product itself. You provide the coupon discount codes, the visitor will be happy to get the service/product more cheaply and the product owner is happy for increasing sales. It’s a win-win situation, where you’ll be the middle-man, making money from selling. Be aware that every product owner might not approve such strategy.


–          Ninja Affiliate Plugin is a clever gadget in WordPress. It converts your keywords automatically to affiliate links. It’s a helpful time-saving shortcut to increase your sales.

–          Keep in mind that the quicker you increase your traffic on your website, the quicker the affiliate sales increase.

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