How to increase my blogs traffic?

How to increase my blogs trafficWhen it comes to increasing your blogs traffic, there are numerous strategies.  Some of them are good, some of them are worth nothing.

Website traffic – What’s that?

Well, basically, it’s just the number of people visiting your site/blog. If you have no traffic then your site is worthless in blogging. So, in this article, I’ll give you a general overview on how to increase your websites traffic successfully.

 1) Social media is your advantage:

Using social media within your traffic increasing strategy is nowadays a highly rewarding experience. If you build up your social media strategy correctly, you’ll definitely see good results. Here are some useful tips:

–          The more engaging your content is, the better. It just calls your audience to comment, like and share.

–          Be present in all the major social media sites and include your blogs link in them.

–          Include social media sharing buttons in your blog.

–          Use social media for sharing your new posts on a regural basis.

–          Use your browser or SEO options to save you time while using social media.

Here are some of the most popular social media websites: Facebook, Twitter, StumpleUpon, LinkedIn, Google+. There more you use, the bigger audience you’ll get, thereby your blogs traffic will increase significantly too.

 2) Quality matters:

Your blogs content must be your first priority.  Regularity and quality are the two key-words in here. What it means, is that your content has to have a high quality and your blog has to be updated on a regular basis. Regular posting gives the impression of your continuous presence in the blogging world, as well as helps to keep your site way up in the search engines results. When having those to requirements fulfilled, you’ll definitely get your blogs traffic boosted up. Moreover, chances are that your audience will come back to read again.

3) Do not concentrate on your pages rank:

The vast majority of the bloggers tend to waste their time on concentrating on Alexa or Google Rank. It’s known for a fact, that no blog can get into Alexa Rank of 1000 in a month nor into Google Rank in 6 months. Your pages rank is trivial. Instead, focus on your contents quality and regularity! As our current society is highly innovative and information is the best commodity one can have, try to learn from your every experience in order to develop your own blog. Analyse some successful blogs and try to figure out the key of their writing and promoting methods. When your blogs content is good, the traffic will be increasing more easily!

 4) Make yourself recognised within the Blogoshpere.

The vast community of bloggers is a great starting place, where to kick-off your career in blogging.  It’s all about making yourself stand out from the majority. Here are some helpful tips on how to do that:

–          Write decent, prudent comments.

–          Retweet some top ranking blogs tweets. By doing this, the benefit could soon be mutual, as they might retweet your content                 too.

–          Tweet, like and share some of the other bloggers quality articles.

–          Try to write some quality guest posts.

–          When the opportunity occurs, try to move onto a more personal level with some popular bloggers, as you might gain useful information by just interacting with them.

5) Appearance and comfortability:

Your content might have a high quality, but when your blog loads slowly and has a crappy theme, nobody will be interested in it.  So, make sure that your blogs appearance is pleasing and it loads fast, as well as the sites navigation has to be logical and easy. For instance, use Pingdom Pageload Checker, to analyse the perfomance of your blog. The three steps, mentioned above, are the main key points, when it comes to the visual aspect of blogging. When they’re applied correctly, your sites traffic will surely increase.

 6) The addition and optimisation of social media sharing buttons:

In order to increase your websites traffic, adding social media sharing buttons to your content is a beneficial opportunity. Be aware of the placement of the buttons in your blog. They should be on eye-catching spots. For instance, in the end of the post, because after the visitor has read the post from top to bottom, he’ll/she’ll be more likely to share it when the button is just in his/her sight.  You can even add some promotional texts next to the button, such as „Found this post useful? Share it with your friends!“ Be aware of the color of the buttons as well, as they have to be clearly visible in order to catch attention.

7) Mailing lists:

To increase the amount of loyal readers, creating mailing lists is highly recommendable. They assure your blog a continuous traffic and will most surely help to increase your sites traffic. As your visitor reads your content and likes it, he/she has the perfect opportunity to be regularily aware of the updates when included in your mailing list. Basically, the more subscribers you have, the more attention your blog draws, thereby the more the sites traffic increases.

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