How to make your blog profitable?

How to make your blog profitable

Some time ago making money by blogging wasn’t necessarily so hard, you simply needed:

1) A popular idea to write about.

2) A simple domain name, promoting your idea.

3) A WordPress template with good SEO options.

After having those three steps done, you just had to write as much as you could. And if your contents were any good, you problably were a succesful blogger as well.  The amount of money, how much you managed to make, depended directly on how popular your idea currently was. Probably, to earn some extra cash, you wrote about others products. But the time and effort put into doing it didn’t pay off at all.

 What’s the best approach for making money by blogging nowadays?

The world around us is currently changing rapidly: new technologial discoveries, new scientifical discoveries etc.

Nowadays most of the well-known bloggers advise you to create online products in order to really earn money with minimum effort. Selling others products is not as profitable as it used to be. Also it doesn’t have any certainty in it, whether you make or won’t make, or how much you’ll make money on your next selling attempt.

In these days, making money by blogging is narrowed down to creating an online product of your own.

So, let us start!

1) Analyse current social problems! Try to find solutions.

The main step for creating an online product is knowing what your audience needs. You have the power to sell them their needs and make money by doing it.  For instance, if your niche is „how to get a student visa“, your audience and/or clients are students, whose NEED is studying abroad.

You need to analyse the problem: how can they acquire a student visa without spending much money. If you have the answer for that question then you can sell that answer.  Your target needs a consultancy product that guides them trough the process of getting a student visa. Keep in mind that as your target doesn’t have a lot of money to spend around, you can’t ask them for a high fee, but when the traffic increases, your income increases too and it can turn out to be very profitable.

2) Have the best product in order to stand out and attract attention.

Entrepeneurship isn’t actually offering something totally new. The main idea is just finding a problem and solving it.  So if there are a lot of similar products available, then without improving the general concept of the product, there is no point even starting – when your product is the same as others then your potential customers have no reason to prefer your products to others.

E.g. There are numerous consultancy services for students to acquire a student visa, but yours could be without any fees and you’d make money on advertisement. You’ll have high traffic which attracts advertising companies.

3) Branding.

Nowadays, branding is everything. You wouldn’t want to have an unwrapped gift for Christmas, would you? So,  products should have an impressive brand name, maybe a decent logo. Make sure everything is pleasant for the readers/customers eye and you’ll be successful in no time.

4) Packaging.

Packaging – it’s a fine art of offering the products.

Tutorials, for example, could be offered in many formats, video, pdf or on a paper – whatever is more comfortable to the buyer. It’ll pay off for sure!

5) Avoid seasonal products.

Avoid sesonal products at all costs: if you’re selling a summer-related product, then in summer you’ll have to work twice as efficiently to cover up most of the years loss.

Secondly, you’re not the only one selling seasonal products, so you’ll have to compete with others who have the same aim of covering their yearly loss with only one short summer.

Choose a product which can be sold all year round. You’ll play it a lot safer and your business is sustainable.

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