How to Send Bulk Email – Use Atomic Mail Sender

How to Send Bulk Email There’s a very simple procedure that you can follow when you find yourself thinking about how to send mass email. My suggestion – get a bulk email marketing software that can do everything for you. Of course, these types of bulk mailer tools are not exactly freeware, but you have to pay to play, right? There’s a company called AtomPark Software that deals in email marketing solutions. They have a bulk email marketing tool named Atomic Mail Sender. I will tell you how to send bulk email with Atomic Mail Sender in this brief text.

Atomic Mail Sender – How to Send Bulk Email without Spamming

Before I get into the specs of Atomic Mail Sender, a flexible bulk mailer, let me reassure you that you don’t have to worry about becoming a spammer when sending out mass email with Atomic Mail Sender. In order for users to send mass email safely, AtomPark Software has several features built in within the bulk mail sending software that eliminate or at least minimize the potential of the user being tagged as spammer. Atomic Mail Sender has a tool called SpamAssasin that pre-checks the emails you send out for spam and makes corresponding suggestions on how to be less spammy. The mailer software also has a text spin function that enables you to enter a word or a phrase within the emails in order for them to vary in size – a great feature for getting through spam filters. One more good thing – three different types of SMPT servers for flexible use.

Potential Atomic Email Sender SMPT Server Choices

There may be several complications when sending bulk email directly – one of them is the possibility that your provider may have forbidden it. So, what is there to do about it? The first SMPT server that is built into Atomic Mail Sender does just that – it sends out mass email directly. It can’t be used when that kind of sending is forbidden. Another solution would be to use external SMPT servers that can be rotated in order to avoid being rejected. However, in order to answer the question how to send bulk email with Atomic Mail Sender efficiently within the context of this article, I’d advise you to use the Atomic partner SMPT servers.

Atomic Partner SMPT Server – Universal Solution

If finding suitable external SMPT servers for sending out bulk email is too much for you, then you can resort to using the Atomic partner SMPT server that will cost you a little, but works seamlessly. Check out the Atomic SMPT service for more information on that.

Proxy Servers

Atomic Mail Sender supports Socks 4, Socks 4A, and Socks 5 type proxy servers. If you decide to use proxy servers for sending out mass email, Atomic Mail Sender will check their status consistently.

How to Send Mass Email and Get the Most of It

When you send mass email with Atomic Mail Sender, you can make use of the features present within the mass mailer. You can personalize your mass email campaign when you send bulk email – you can insert recipient-specific data into the emails. The possibility of inserting an unsubscribe link into each email is also a must and granted thereat. Users can unsubscribe both by email and by website, and the latter option requires the URL of an unsubscribe page. Atomic Mail Sender also has an unsubscribe wizard that can automate the process of removing unsubscribers from your mailing list. In order to send bulk email and get even better results, you have to have Twitter and Facebook widgets inserted within the emails. That allows you to gain a better visibility on the two major social networks when users “like” or “follow” you.

Send Bulk Email with Atomic Mail Sender – Track and Report

This mass mailer tool supports Google Analytics. Yeah, so what? Atomic Mail Sender has a professional accomplice as well – Atomic Email Tracker. This is a web-based email tracking tool that can inform you of clickthrough rates, the most clicked links, and who reads our emails. The tool is a premium feature.

So, How to Send Bulk Email Again? – by Using Atomic Mail Sender, of Course

Now that we’ve established that Atomic Mail Sender is the mass mailer tool to use when sending out mass email, let’s talk about the price.


Atomic Mail Sender is 69.85 euros. I know this isn’t the cheapest mass mail sender you’ve ever seen, but it will compensate for it in the units of time it saves you.


If you want to know more, you should have a look at my Atomic Mail Sender review. This text served as a basic feature introduction of the mass mailer – the review will be more comprehensive and will answer more questions if you have any.


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