How to turn photography into an income?

How to earn money with photographyIf you’re a photographer or photography is just a well appreciated hobby of yours and you want to make it profitable then you’re reading the right article.

You may not know it yet, but designers may find your photography useful on a daily basis. There are multiple reasons for that: clients don’t have their own photo database to use or  designers have their deadlines coming up and using your photos saves them a lot of time.

Stock Photography – What is it?    

Basically, it’s a supply of photos for being sold to people who need to use them on a daily basis in websites, magazines or elsewhere. For the buyer, the best advantage is that he/she doesn’t need to specially hire a photographer to get the pictures he/she craves for. Getting what you need in just a few clicks saves time and thereby money as well. Stock photography is a rising trend and a great place to make good money.

How exactly can I make money with it?

It isn’t actually rocket science. There are multiple ways to bring your work to the buyer. For example you can just build up an internet catalogue with your photographs. Or you can make contacts with web design corporations, T-shirt designers, cup designers or  build up a gallery and sell your photos directly to clients. If you don’t find anything mentioned suitable, you can just upload them to random stock photography websites.

How can I find the best websites for my photographs?

There are tons of websites available, just type some keywords in and start exploring.  Get familiar with the websites payment and copyright methods. Get to know what rights and duties you’ll have when joining the market. If your photos are any good, you’ll definitely get a positive feedback.

How much can I earn?

Well, it depends on how have you decided to sell your photographs. Therefore, it may vary in tens, hundreds or even in thousands of dollars. Most websites pay per download and depending on the policy you may get more when the photo turns out to be extraordinarily popular.  There are also different bonuses available.

Which are the best-selling photos?

Every individual has his/her own  preferences. A photo, which might arouse disgust in one person, might be just the right one for another person. Some rejection is perfectly normal. Despite that, all stock photography websites operate on a demand for specific photos.  If there is a need, you problably won’t have any problems selling your photography.  Knowing that, you can manipulate with your photos, thereby manipulate with your income.

Although, there is a rising trend for simple, clean photos, which are easily editable.

How will you be paid?

Each website has its own policy on money wihtdrawal.  Some websites require a minimum payout level, such as 20€ or 30€, some of them transfer the money to your bank account right after the purchase.  Briefly, each website has its own policy and you should choose according to your own needs.

How can you make your photos stand out?

Most of the big stock photography websites have millions of pictures available. So getting the customer to buy your photo might be complex at first, but if you follow some simple steps, it gets lot more easier:

–          Promote your photography via social networks. (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

–          Give your photos, which are in your personal gallery, popular tags, so they would appear in the top of the search engines.

–          Take quality, high resolution pictures.

–          Use blogs to promote your photography.

–          Let some of your photos to be downloaded for FREE, in order to get more traffic to your portfolio.

Once you get the recognition, selling your photos becomes easier than ever. Also, when you have enough traffic on your own personal gallery, you can sell advertisements in order to earn some extra money.




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