How to use Facebook for increasing my sites traffic?

Facebook for increasing my sites trafficSocial networks, when used correctly, are the best ways to gain extra attention and increase traffic for your blog. In this article I’ll give you a general overview on the matter of how to increase your blogs traffic, when using Facebook.

 1) Make your personal profile useful.

When starting up, it’s a great way to use your personal Facebook profile to promote your blog or site.  Just by adding your sites URL in your profile and giving some initial information about the site will get your acquaintaces excited.  Definitely share your articles in your timeline, but try not to do it too often, as you might just leave an impression of a spammer. The more interesting and useful those articles are, the more people they will attract.

 2) Increase your fanbase.

If your blog already has a fan page in facebook then you can easily expand your number of fans by using these simple steps:

–          Share your page with your friends (not too often!).

–          If you have an account in Twitter, Google+ or elsewhere then include your fan pages link there too.

–          Keep the fan page active on your personal profile.

If you have a high number of fans, other’s are less hesitative to like your page as well.  Therefore, as your fan count has risen to a certain limit, your websites traffic will be increasing automatically.

 3) Interact with other bloggers.

In order to increase your sites traffic, interacting with other bloggers via Facebook might come in hand and turn out to be heavily rewarding. So, try to add popular bloggers to your friends, read their Facebook content and write decent comments whenever it’s suitable. If you leave a good impression of yourself and share their content, they might just share yours too. Also, when the opportunity occurs, try to interact with them on a personal basis as well. If you have just started up, it’s a great way to gain new knowledge and make a name for yourself within the bloggers society. Moreover, you can easily join some Facebook blogging groups.

Here’s a list of the most popular blogging groups, if you’re active in them, your well-deserved recognition will most surely come:

Some helpful tips:

– Share on the time of the day, where the most of your friends is online.

– Use thumbnails, pictures etc. A good visual attachment will draw more attention to the content.

– Your content has to be interesting and beneficial.

– Interact with other bloggers who work within the same niche.

– Include some campaigns, rewards or discounts now and then, in order to boost up your sites traffic more efficiently.

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