Hybrid Connect Review – WordPress Email List Building plugin

Hybrid Connect ReviewWhat is the most basic, and usually the safest way to build a targeted mailing list? – throwing opt-in forms and pop-ups at visitors checking out your site. What do the chances that people actually sign up depend on? – the quality of those optin forms and pop-ups (not to mention the obvious – your content). In short, HybridConnect is an effective email list builder tool the features of which will be examined in this HybridConnect review.

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Hybrid Connect – WordPress Mailing List Plugin

The HybridConnect mailing list building plugin for WordPress enables you to create highly customized optin forms and pop-ups, split test them automatically, and place them anywhere on your site. The interesting and “set-and-forget” part of it is the fact that HybridConnect roots out the underperforming forms and automatically makes use only of the winning formula that converts the most.

Form Types and Placement

This WordPress list building plugin features a cool form builder tool that makes it possible to tweak every part and color of your optin forms and pop-ups. You can choose over 30 beautiful form templates preset in this mailing list builder to create the perfect opt-in form and successfully build a targeted mailing list. And the best bit is that there is nothing complex about using the HybridConnect email list builder, because it is one of those tools that is designed with ease of use in mind. HybridConnect enables you to add optin forms within the content of your website, sidebars, widget area, or even on your Facebook fan page! You can also create unblockable lightbox optin forms, and optin boxes that slide in from various areas of your site. The mailing list plugin also makes it possible to create squeeze pages, and opt-in while commenting. In order to diversify the optin form appearances on your site, you can set HybridConnect to show different optin forms on different pages.

Mailing List Builder Split Testing

The email list builder enables you to A/B test several optin forms as well. Say you create five different optin forms and unleash them on visitors – you’d usually need to keep track of them yourself to see how they’re doing, right? Yep, but with the HybridConnect email list builder, you only have to wait a while to see which optin form HybridConnect picks out among the others – and that’s your winner right there. HybridConnect automatically split-tests your optin forms and then drops the underperforming ones.

Other Features of This WordPress Mailing List Building Plugin

As this HybridConnect review starts comening to a close, I have some more things to reveal to you about this email list builder. If you want to build a targeted mailing list quickly and effectively, you need to have Facebook connection. HybridConnect can do that – it can show Facebook signup buttons on optin forms when a visitor browses your site while logged in to Facebook. They can easily opt-in with Facebook – it only takes a click and you have their verified email address in your list. HybridConnect also supports many autoresponder services such as AWeber, MailChimp, GetResponse, and so on. You are able to create mobile-friendly responsice forms with this mailing list builder too and track where your traffic comes from.


There are three priced variants: the single site license, multi-site license, and the professional license. The single-site version of the HybridConnect mailing list builder plugin costs $49; the multi-site one is $67, and the HybridConnect professional is $147, plus it enables you to use this list building plugin on client websites, and also sell sites with the HybridConnect plugin installed.


This HybridConnect review gives a “thumbs up” to this WordPress mailing list builder, because it is multi-functional and has A/B testing capabilities which is always a good thing if you’re after the best possible result.

Go get HybridConnect and get yourself connected.

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