IntelliTheme Review – Premium WordPress Theme for Ads Sites Web Analytics Purposes

IntelliTheme reviewRecently I discovered an interesting premium WordPress theme that is made to speed up the process of optimizing ads sites. IntelliTheme can help you save time when you’re after the prefect ad setup – the theme does automatic split testing on different sites with different integrated presets that you can configure yourself. I’ll tell you a bit more about it. Given the fact that I like the theme, I will ignore the stupid slogan of „Smart. So you don’t have to be” – but only enough not to bash it. Let’s get this IntelliTheme Review over with.

IntelliTheme – What’s It About?

Basically, I already said everything in the previous paragraph. So, what next? The details of course! You install IntelliTheme like you do other WordPress themes and then start tweaking the presets that will be put into rotation to determine the winner.


The five presets within this WordPress theme form the foundation of IntelliTheme. They are called Tower Right, Tower Left, Central Bank, EastSide and Sandlot. The way IntelliTheme works is like this: you select the presets for your adsense or affiliate sites (relying on ads mostly, obviously) and customize them – then IntelliTheme will rotate these presets as long as you choose. By rotation, I mean that every time a person visits your site, they will see a different layout – hence you will get a good idea which preset is the best from the viewpoint of CTR.

Preset Design Features

You can design each preset to a degree – upload a custom image, choose colors for background, header, inner sidebar, outer sidebar, links and footer. You can also change the fonts and their sizes for your site, page and post titles as well as sidebar headings, content and links. Removing the Google Image Lightbox effect when people click on an image that originates from your site is an option too – mainly for a slight boost of traffic.

Ad Block Options

The juiciest part! Oh wait, the other juicy part! There are several places you can place your ad code; be it above content area, below the title of the post, under the post or whatever – you can put it there. Strategically speaking, you could insert your ads in different areas for every preset or just fill out every available space for them – the choice is yours.

Split Testing

The combination of integrated customizable presets and split testing is what makes this WordPress theme valuable. Once you have set up your presets the way that is acceptable – throw them into circulation and wait for the results. The split testing queue can be made to present all presets in a random order equally or, on the other hand, you can choose which presets will appear more frequently. You can also turn the presets off.

Statistics Element

Now that you have several presets giving different first impressions of your site and attracting potential clicks, you’d like to know which of those presets is worth keeping. The statistics dashboard in IntelliTheme gives you an overview of the main aspects related to the performance of the presets. These are the status of the preset (on or off), pageviews, clicks, and CTR percentage.


IntelliTheme costs 97 dollars.

Advantages and Disadvantages

I would call this price a disadvantage, because it is a little too high for the five presets that this WordPress theme has. I would be happier if there were ten presets instead – then I’d think about buying it. However, the bright side is that IntelliTheme is very useful. You no longer have to do the testing manually since it is basically automated. And if you push the developers long enough or if you find it in you to take it up yourself – add some more presets and you’ve got a fine theme indeed.

Overall Opinion

If this theme was cheaper, I’d go for it. But with this price – no.

Don’t take my word for it – go check out IntelliTheme yourself and form your own opinion.

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  1.' Justin says:

    Thanks for reviewing our latest product, Intellitheme…we appreciate it!

    We’re working on a few different upgrades to IntelliTheme that I think you’ll find interesting:

    – Ability for users to create their own presets
    – Automatically selecting a “winner” from the presets and having that winner appear more often. (Or all the time…your choice)
    – Ability to split test different presets/layouts OR split test monetization options with the same preset. (AdSense Vs. Amazon, for example)

    We’re really excited about continuing to develop out IntelliTheme.

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