Interspire Email Marketer Review – Comprehensive Email Marketing Software for Serious Business

Interspire Email Marketer reviewThe Age-Old Question: What is it?

Okay guys, Interspire Email Marketer is a truly big dog among the many email marketing software available today. This tool has everything you need to make your email campaigns successful and profitable as it provides you with a ton of features to make the best of email marketing.

Main Features

Since the software is thickly packed with different features, the review at hand is not the best way to offer a complete guide. Instead, I will give you some of the more general options and functionalities Interspire Email Marketer has in store for you. So let’s see about that, shall we?

Design Your Emails the Way You Want

First off, the software has some 35 preset working templates you can make use of to have your emails look beautiful and stylish. You probably want to personalize your letters too – this is where the WYSIWYG editor, custom field values and dynamic content sections come into play. It is no news that potential customers like it when you know something about them, such as their name, age, hobbies or location, but don’t forget your own information either – you can add it in the footer. Upload images and add anchor links into your emails for better effect. If you already have a ready email campaign then you can upload it from your computer or a website as well as use your existing template – no problem! Advanced HTML editing is also available for non-rookies and of course you can preview your email before sending it.

Things to Do With Your Email Campaign When You Have Interspire Email Marketer

Where do I start? Let’s assume you think your email campaign is all set up and ready to go. This email marketing studio has several features you can add. Insert the unsubscribe link and all unsubscribe request are dealt with automatically. Another link you can insert is the “Forward to a friend” link which can get you more leads. Furthermore, you can also insert survey and feedback forms. If you want then you can send attachments with your emails for downloading and offline checking. Also, Interspire Email Marketer handles all bounce-backs and duplicate emails for you, so there’s no pressure on that part. Scheduling emailing is a given and so is previewing them, I suppose. Do you? Thought so.


Be sure to use the spam checker too before blast time – it’s integrated and useful; plus it can give you tips on what you need to change.


Interspire Email Marketer offers CAPTCHA support too, so you can use it to prevent automated submissions on your website for example.

Built in Autoresponder Functions

You can use autoresponder emails to initiate marketing techniques on your subscribers. Send them a scheduled email after a time they’ve been on your list with different offerings, so they won’t forget you. Using autoresponders on your entire list is easy, but you can also send these emails to groups of specified contacts.

Split Testing, Triggers & More

With split testing you can find out which email campaign fares the best with your subscribers. Test unlimited variations, use them on a fraction of your list, and if they work, launch them on the rest of the list automatically. Triggers allow you to send a recurring message to a contact based on a date such as a birthday or an anniversary. There is also a cool function called automatic event logging which saves the info when a contact received and opened your emails or which link they clicked and when under their contact profile. You can also use manual event logging and integration with Google Calendar to add follow up reminders.

Tracking and Reporting

Interspire Email Marketer has tracking functions that give reports on how many of your emails and links were opened and clicked, by whom, and when. You can also track bounced emails, see unsubscribe details and how well the “Forward to a Friend” is doing. Not to mention all autoresponder emails are also tracked and you can have reports on them.

Managing Your Lists

You have full control over your lists as you can create an unlimited amount of them and configure each one separately. Segment your lists by grouping contacts that have something in common. If you don’t have time to type in your contacts’ details manually then you can import a list from Excel, Outlook or a .csv file if you have it there. One comfortable feature is the way you can see the details of your contacts aligned in a grid – which details appear is up to you. The fact that you can have as many custom fields you want with contact/specific information is also cool. A double opt/in confirmation and a “Do not Mail” list is also in place.

Expand Your Business by Including Users

If you have clients or people you rent the use of the program, then, depending on the package you bought, you have several options available how to administrate what your users can or cannot do. You can configure the users’ SMTP settings, define the number of lists they can have and how fast they can send their emails. You can also upload specific templates for different users. Basically users can do everything you can, but with the restrictions you set upon them. Oh, and if you’re using Interspire Email Marketer for private purposes, then you don’t need to worry about their logo or the “Powered by” button. In fact, you can add your own.


The software’s website has all the info you need when you run into trouble and the program itself comes with a big user guide and a link to some more.


When compared to other similar software like Atomic Mail Sender, SendBlaster 2, and Email Marketing Director 5.0 then there is no competition, really. The first two have only basic features, and the third doesn’t really add up to its cost even though it has plenty of good features. Plus, Interspire Email Marketer is far more advanced than the latter. So it’s a no-brainer.

Price as a Disadvantage

The only disadvantage of this software is how much it costs. Starting from $495 for a single user and climbing up to $1795 for 20 users is a whopping price by all standards, not forgetting that the average email marketer seeks the most affordable version. Well, at least you get the 60 days money back guarantee.

And in Conclusion…

If you have the money and really want to get down to business with email marketing then buy Interspire Email Marketer. Both the features and price speak for themselves.

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