KeywordSpy Review: Tool for Acquiring Competitors’ Keywords

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What is the main thing you need to focus on when you want your online business to be profitable? There is no single answer, because there are many factors that determine whether you will succeed or fail. These factors include quality content, sought-after products, SEO, advertising and of course, keywords. If you’re an affiliate, then keyword research is a must, as they lead people to your page, which, in turn, should direct them to the product you’re trying to promote. Today we’re going to have a look at KeywordSpy, a keyword research tool by and large with a taste of competitor data.

Main Points of KeywordSpy

KeywordSpy is designed to give the user an upper hand in online marketing by observing web marketing trends. It achieves this in three ways: keyword research, tracking, and affiliate research. To make a short story long, you can uncover the marketing strategies and ad-related information of your competitors, research the most popular and profitable keywords and use that knowledge in your affiliate campaigns. And this goes for keywords and competitors in many specific geographical locations too! It’s as simple as that.

Keyword Research

You start by entering a keyword or a domain name and KeywordSpy will return related results from Google, Yahoo and Bing. The option of searching according to destination URL and ad copy content is also available. From there you can analyse your competitors’ keywords and use them for your own benefit. The KeywordSpy database, which is constantly updated, provides you with alternative terms and related phrases of those keywords as well. You can store the keywords and monitor your competitors if they add a new keyword.


The KeywordSpy real-time tracking function is divided into PPC tracking and organic tracking. You can see the top ten competitors in three major search engines as well as the amount of daily clicks their PPC and organic campaign keywords are getting. Competitive ads and organic listings analysis is also a click away: side-by-side ad copy comparison, plus the ad position on a keyword coupled with info on determining the organic listings for a keyword and advertisers’ organic position for a keyword gives you a wealth of data on which competitor to monitor closely.

More Competitor Research

While researching your competitors, you have the possibility to have a look at which search engine is the most emphasized. Summaries of competitors’ PPC and organic campaigns are at your fingertips as well, so you can make the most of it. As I already said, you can get the scoop on your competitors’ keywords and ad positions. You can do this by drilling deep into their campaigns. This way you can have a good overview of their ads too, as KeywordSpy is able to determine how often an ad appears in the search engine listings and when it was first and last seen. You can model your own ad copies after them if you find a successful ad. Should you be comparing two competitors according to the niche they’re competing for, then the KeywordSpy keyword overlap feature allows you to get both the keywords which are unique to either one of the competitors as well as what keywords they have in common.

Monitoring Your Competitors

With KeywordSpy you can keep track of new keywords ad copies your competitors come up with. The alert feature lets you know if any new competitors enter your market. The alerts will be sent to your email address.

Affiliate Research

You probably want to put all the keyword research and competition analysis information you got a hold of with KeywordSpy to use, don’t you? The tool allows you to analyse approximately 300 affiliate networks and scan for popular products that people are constantly buying.


KeywordSpy is not the only choice you can make when it comes to keyword research. Similar software like SECockpit, Market Samurai and Niche Finder can help you at your keyword analysis task too. Market Samurai and Niche Finder cannot really come close to KeywordSpy, as they do not have the competition tracking features. They cost less, but they provide less too. The most worthy of the three other tools pitted against KeywordSpy is SECockpit, because it’s fast, prolific and reliable.


Let’s start from the basics. If you’re a regular user then you can either buy the Research and Tracking functions separately based on your needs, or buy them together as a single Professional edition, which is a monthly $139.99. You can get both the components that make up the professional version for 89.95 dollars a month, so it would be wise to purchase them together, because this way you’ll get the affiliate research part of the deal too. Now, if you want more then you should get either the Agency or the Enterprise package. These two are good if you are really serious about keyword research and online marketing in general, as they provide loads of more data for you to extract and can be adjusted for multiple users. The Agency package is 995 USD/month and the Enterprise package has a custom price based on what you want.

KeywordSpy Review – It’s Closing Time

KeywordSpy is a beast. It’s not only just a keyword research tool, but a competition analysis tool as well. The in-depth information you’ll be getting about both of the subjects is worth the hefty price.


Wanna see what your competitors are up to? Send a spy into their midst with KeywordSpy.

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