LayerSlider Review – a Responsive WordPress Slider Plugin

LayerSlider reviewWhat is LayerSlider?

LayerSlider is a responsive WordPress slider plugin created by kreatura. It enables you to create some great-looking slideshows or animate your content without too much effort and put it into your posts or onto your website.


LayerSlider is a responsive WordPress slider plugin, which means that the slider knows about the size of the screen it is viewed from and resizes and repositions itself and its content accordingly. That means you can get a full viewing experience from a regular computer display as well as from any handheld device. There are five different displaying modes in total, from fixed to full-width.

Navigation between slides can be done on a keyboard and touch-screen interaction is supported as well. Navigation control consists of thumbnails, buttons, and thumbnails with buttons. LayerSlider has more than 200 2D and 3D transitions and employs a transition builder so you can make your own custom transitions. Slides can carry different types of elements from videos to text and images.

Appearance of content can be animated in almost unlimited ways: rotating, scaling, fade in and fade out, and so on. Embedded videos can be set to auto-play and to display preview images. Parallax effect is present in this plugin, so you can create slides with a sense of depth in your slides. Embedded videos from YouTube and Vimeo have autopreview and auto-play options available. LayerSlider has WordPress Multisite support and can be used with translation plugins to make slides in different languages. Plugin itself and the administrative area can also be translated.

User interface is modelled after default WordPress interface. This slider plugin also has a skin editor and skin support and comes with 12 premade skins. Slides can be made using a simple what-you-see-is-what-you-get type editor that supports dragging and dropping of content and also provides real-time preview of current build so you can always check your work in progress. Content is readable by search engines so you can use slides in your SEO. LayerSlider has also its own API, which allows you to manipulate and use external scripts in your slides behaviour.

Browser Support

LayerSlider supports all major web browsers on handheld and desktop devices. Internet Explorer is supported from version 7.


You can buy a Regular or Extended Licence of LayerSlide. Regular Licence costs $15 and allows LayerSlide plugin to be used on one end product, which can be sold to your client but end users cannot be charged for using the product.

Extended Licence allows the plugin to be used in one end product which can be sold to your client and end users can be asked to pay for using the product. Extended Licence costs $75. Support and updates are free. In conclusion I would like to say that LayerSlider has many features that enable you to create some great looking slides and the price for this plugin is reasonable. More information can be found here. Video about LayerSlider can be found here. Information about other WordPress slider plugins can be found here: Responsive LayerSlider.

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