LinkPipeline Review – Automatically Create Links to Sites In Exchange of Backlinks

Linkpipeline review-Good link building  opportunityAbout LinkPipeline

This thing is an automatic link builder, which means you don’t really have to do anything to get backlinks, just upload the plugin and enable it. Choose the site you want your one way links built to, and the category of that site. Building links to your links increases the probability of them getting indexed and in turn provide your site higher search rankings and in turn, higher traffic.

Some thoughts on how this software could be of use to you

It is probably not enough to just have good content on your site to get noticed, because the internet immense and people are different. But people do respond to popularity. If you’ve got quality and popularity, you’re set. LinkPipeline is specifically designed to achieve that purpose. By handing over the seemingly everlasting effort of building links to LinkPipeline, you’ll be saving time.

How it works

You’ve probably already understood that the software does automatically what you’d otherwise do manually. It creates backlinks by comparing the content of your site with other sites.

The cost

There are three packages you can choose from: the basic, advanced, and elite. Their monthly cost is $27, $47, and $97 respectively. The basic version processes 3, 000 URLs a month, the advanced version 6, 000 URLs, and the Elite 15, 000 URLs. These are some figures indeed.


Some people do not trust automated link building and neither do I. How can you be sure that you actually get quality links? Sure, the software has an integrated tracking function, but considering the aforementioned figures, the possibility of later having to sort out good links from bad ones might prove to be tiresome.

Something positive

If you do trust this sort of software then it could save you a heck of a lot of time. You can also try it out for free, but with limitations. LinkPipeline could help build a powerful linking network between blog owners with similar content.

Final thoughts

It is said that sometimes Google simply doesn’t know the site you are trying to promote is there, because it also doesn’t know about the sites you are linked to. The googlebots crawl around the web picking up links and pages to update the Google index. LinkPipeline creates a bunch of links which increases the search rankings for your site. That’s good. But the fact that the software is fully automated may result in you having not enough control over the links you accumulate. There are also discussions on how social signals are gaining more and more prominence and it is not impossible that they will take over in the future. Paying a monthly fee for someone to get you links is not entirely a bad idea if you’ve got the cash, but it is not essential. Don’t go handing out your money in a hurry for something you can do yourself for free. This has been an unbiased LinkPipeline Review.


Decide for yourself – LinkPipeline.

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  1.' Warren says:

    great review. thanks. im considering buying link pipe line so this information was useful to me.

  2.' vinodh says:

    link pipeline in combination with other software are good.
    getting leads from websites now.earlier no leads from website

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