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Longtailpro reviewDiscovering profitable niche keywords or improving the stats of your already existing keywords that you’re ranking for is something to be considered. I’ll tell you how to do it quickly – use Longtail Pro or Longtail Platinum if you’ve got the dough, and dive deep into keyword research with this keyword generator tool discussed in my today’s Longtail Pro review article.

Longtail Pro

Longtail Pro is a keyword research tool that is designed to be quick and easy. Simplicity is what you want when you’re not exactly into technical details and fancy amounts of data.


All Longtail Pro versions (free trial, Pro and Platinum alike) enable you to search for several different keywords at the same time, which greatly accelerates your keyword research process. The keyword generator tool can then come up with to 800 results per every seed keyword entered. You can select a match type too – whether you like it exact or broad. Before you go searching for keywords, it’s advisable to filter them in ways that you want your results to look like. You can determine the minimum and maximum amount of average local and global searches for a keyword, and can select the average CPC, designate the number of words a keyword can have, and whether there’s an available domain. In a way this keyword analysis software is a long tail keyword pro, because it can come up with longtail keywords as well.

Competitor Analysis Tab

This tab will appear if you click on a keyword in Longtail Pro. It will display the top ten sites on Google that rank for a specific keyword, including relevant data such as page authority, page links, juice page links, domain authority, PageRank, mozRank, and site age. By possessing all this data with the help of the Longtail Pro keyword analysis software, you have a clear picture of whether it is a good idea to try to rank for a keyword. If the competition is strong, you can try, but will have to bear in mind that ranking will be difficult.

Rank Checker

This section of the keyword generator tool which is basically a search engine ranking checker, will give you information on a URL’s ranking specifications based on a particular keyword on Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

Features Included in Longtail Platinum

Longtail Platinum is an upgraded version of Longtail Pro that comes with some additional features like the ability to calculate the competitiveness of a specific keyword, save favorite keywords, and import up to ten thousand keywords simultaneously. A feature that Longtail Platinum has and what will make your life easier and save you from analyzing heaps of data is the keyword competitiveness calculation option. With a click of a button you can get a glimpse whether it’s worth it to try and rank for a keyword.  Longtail Platinum also enables you to save favorite keywords (a marginal, but useful feature) and enter up to ten thousand keywords as a list and get their specs analyzed. You can do this to your own keywords that you’re ranking for to gain a better understanding of what could be better.


The free trial lasts for 10 days and allows you to make use of Longtail Pro. The pro version of the keyword analysis software itself costs a one-time $97. Longtail Platinum is a one-time $97 and a monthly $17 after that. You can also upgrade your already existing Longtail Pro license.

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