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Market Samurai is an SEO tool centering on keyword research, an important part of any online business. And when I say research, I’m not only talking about finding the keywords to use in your SEO campaign, but you also get to see the analyses for SEO competition, search and buy domains with high page rank and some more. The functions I’ve just mentioned coupled with a handful of other SEO features make Marketing Samurai a good tool to start your online marketing venture with.

What has it Got and What Can It Do              

Let’s look at the features of the software.

Keyword Research

The keyword analysis and research bit is probably the most important aspect of the application when you are stumped to find them. Just add your seed keyword in the keyword research page and Market Samurai will get you synonyms for them. The results will show you keyword trends, what is the competition for the keywords, what is their SEO value, as well as CPC and PPC competition. Information about SEO and Google Adwords traffic these keywords can generate is also available. The good thing about the software is that it guides you through the SEO research process by telling you which keywords to use and which to avoid.

Track and Check Rankings

You can track both domains and keywords. However, as their number grows, the application slows down considerably.

Info on SEO Competition

Yep, this is a useful feature for getting to know the strong points of your competitors that makes them successful. What’s even better, you can emulate their strategies to further improve your own. Market Samurai provides you with an analysis of data concerning the top ten pages in Google that rank for the keyword you specified. The data consists of an overview of the PageRank standing of these websites, domain age and the amount of backlinks among others. The program also let’s you check out the anchor texts of those high PR backlinks and where they come from. Now, that’s the sort of information you can use.

Finding Domains

With Market Samurai you can tap into new domains as well as find expiring ones and those that have been dropped. A DomainFace account is required to find aged domains.

Monetization Possibilities

The Market Samurai monetization function allows you to search for products from Clickbank, Amazon, Commission Junction etc. and promote them, making it possible to earn a decent affiliate profit.

Finding Content

If you’re looking to increase the amount and diversity of your content, then this function is not to be ignored. Based on your keyword, Market Samurai will find the related content as it scans the web and return results and information on each page it finds. In some cases you can even get an article in a state where you could publish it right away, although I wouldn’t advise this, because duplicated content is usually frowned upon.

Publish It

The publishing tool integrates with WordPress and you can publish the content you have found straight from Market Samurai itself.


This is indirectly related to the monetization feature, as it suggests sources to get backlinks from. The software also displays whether the sources are worth the investment in the form of providing data for PageRank, backlinks and „dofollow/nofollow“ tags.


Market Samurai sure does pack a punch when it comes to keyword analysis and SEO research. It gives you a detailed overview on both subjects based on your keyword choices.


If you can call it a disadvantage, then processing large amounts of data will slow this program down. If you are doing keyword research one at a time on each keyword then it’s no problem, but try doing it on many keywords at once! Nope. And what’s with the aggressive marketing, guys? I didn’t really appreciate it when I read the introductory text for Market Samurain on it’s home page.


A Similar keyword analysis product like Niche Finder can do the job at a considerably lower price. You may also want to consider SECockpit and KeywordSpy, even if they cost you by month. With KeywordSpy you can tap into the successful SEO campaigns and keyword research of your competitors and get an edge over them. SECockpit provides you with up-to-date, trustworthy data pulled not only from Google Adwords, but it also scrapes keywords from Google Suggest and Google Related Terms – more than Market Samurai can do.


$149 seems a little too much for me. If you want keyword research only then you should go with Niche Finder, SECockpit or KeywordSpy instead. However, Market Samurai is not only about keyword research – it’s an SEO tool. Don’t feel like paying for it just yet? There is a trial version – no worries.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Despite the huge chunks of detailed data Market Samurai gets you, it’s still a good place to start your SEO activities and analyse which keywords to use. This SEO software will get you on the right track.


You don’t have to buy it if you don’t want to, but you can test Market Samurai for free.

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