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No doubt you’ve heard or read about Atomic products. AtomPark Software mainly deals in Internet marketing solutions, the bulk of which centers on mass email marketing software. In my writings I’ve come across a certain mass mailer tool quite often. The software I’m talking about is Atomic Mail Sender, a bulk email sending software capable of importing mailing lists filled with unlimited email addresses, and sending out mass emails via several server types. You can create personalized mass email campaigns with Atomic Mail Sender which just might be the best mass email sending software out there. So let’s have a closer look Atomic Mail Sender.

About Atomic Mail Sender

First off, don’t expect a super-detailed review of this mass mail sender here, because I’ve already written an Atomic Mail Sender review that contains quite a lot of information about the product. The text at hand will not focus on the technical details as much as on what you can do with the Atomic bulk mail sender software and how it might help you in your mass email marketing campaign.

Inbox Mass Mailer Aspect

The easiest thing to do when you’re new to email marketing is just to use the email addresses already in your inbox as your targeted customers. Your friends will probably hate you for it, but who cares. The Atomic mass mailer software can pull email addresses from your Outlook Address Book and you’re ready to go on that front. Aside from being an inbox mass mailer tool, Atomic Mail Sender also supports importing mailing lists from different file types and other Atomic products.

How Does This Bulk Mail Sender Software Work, Really?

You import your mailing list into the mass mail sender, designate a server (SMPT or proxy) to use for sending out mass emails, advisably create a personalized mass email campaign and hit “send”. That’s really all there is to it, but I can’t limit myself with that information only. I’ll also tell you about the SMPT servers supported by this mass mailer software that you can use to streamline the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign.

How Does This Mass Email Sender Software Send Out Mass Emails?

Sending out mass emails isn’t as simple as sending a single email actually. Although Atomic Mail Sender makes it seem so on the surface, what’s going on beneath is a little more complex. A bulk email sender may run into difficulties when you try to send out a huge load of emails without any delay times between. This sort of activity may get you rejected or tagged as a spammer. So, the Atomic mass mail sender software can use three types of SMPT servers or proxy servers to facilitate the transition of mass emails. The servers (each of which has a certain upper limit allowed for sending out mass emails) will rotate and therefore create a delay time between them, so you can keep on sending your emails without interruption.

Create Personalized Mass Email Campaigns with Atomic Mail Sender

When it comes to mass email sending, all the basics of email customization are there. The Atomic mass email sending software allows you to attach the necessary unsubscribe links to your emails and personalize them, so you’d invoke more trust and credibility from the target group. If you want to gain more attention on social networks as well, then you can make use of the Facebook and Twitter widgets option in the mass mail sender tool to make it so.

Bulk Mailer Software with Text Spin and Spam Check Capabilities

In order for your mass email campaign to succeed, you must get through spam filters. To do that, you can implement the Atomic Mail Sender text spin function which enters a text phrase or a word into an email to make it different from the rest. It is important to remember that you must designate the parameters that the mass mail sender software will follow in order to create those email changing aspects. A more head on approach to avoid getting caught in spam filters is to use the bulk mailer’s Spam Assassin, a tool that displays the spam score of your emails and tells you what to do to decrease it.

So, What Do You Think of This Mass Email Sending Software?

I know, you can’t express a direct opinion, because I haven’t told you about the price yet. But still, I think it is a pretty good, if not the best bulk mail sender software that can get you results.


Atomic Mail Sender costs 69.85 euros.

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Final Thoughts and Good-Bye

Email marketing is something all of you can take a shot at, but what counts in the end is what you’re selling, how you’re doing it and what tools you are using to achieve that end.

Oh, check out my Atomic Mail Sender review too.

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