MemberPress Review – Affordable WordPress Membership Management Plugin

Memberpress review MemberPress – a WordPress Plugin for Managing Membership Sites

You just made a WordPress site, wrote some decent content and even set up some pretty crafty digital products, now you want money for your efforts. You’re smart and you already have thick traffic to your site, and people are banging at your door for you to let them in and give them a piece of what you’ve got. You need a tool that can manage the subscribers, the products and the transactions. Consider MemberPress, because it’s meant for that specific task. Let me explain.

Login Page and User Accounts

Your potential customers want to get in, so MemberPress has an option of generating a Log In page. Once they can get in, they can also edit their account info, see their payment history, update, upgrade or cancel their subscriptions and even change their credit card information. Needless to say, you have an overview of everything that’s going on. You can also add an account page welcome message and add fields that will appear on user account page.

MemberPress Payment Gateway Support

Since you’re planning to sell your digital products, membership levels, content etc. you’re going to have to integrate payment systems for transactions. MemberPress supports PayPal, Stripe and The plugin automatically manages all the information returned by them and also tracks subscriptions.


Now that your members can pay, what are they going to buy? MemberPress also has the product groups feature which will allow you to create and group products. You set the price, subscription and trial period for the product, as well as create the pricing box for a particular product. You get to decide how the pricing box will look like in the product group pricing page. Let’s say that product is membership level and there are three of them. MemberPress makes it possible for a subscriber to upgrade their membership by paying extra for an upper level. Easy. When a member decides to buy a product, a product registration page will appear automatically, allowing them to purchase the product.


Yes, you can create coupons with MemberPress. You can define their expiration date and how many times they can be used. You can even customise the coupon codes.

Access Rules of MemberPress

This function is very important, as it really separates the membership levels. It’s up to you who gets to see what. You control the access members can have to pages, posts, topics, forums, child pages of a specific page and files based on a subscriber’s membership level or a product they’ve purchased. You can also make use of the content dripping function which teases your members by granting access to content in a certain time and determining when content access expires. I personally don’t like these sorts of marketing taunting tricks.

Managing Members

As you can see, this subject that was supposed to be the primary thing this article was going to be about, got stuffed somewhere towards the end of the text. That’s not because it isn’t important, but because it isn’t that important. Nevertheless, MemberPress allows you to manage your membership by giving you the ability to manage the transactions and subscriptions of your members.

MemberPress Affiliate Program

It’s an affiliate program only if you purchase the seamlessly WordPress integrated Affiliate Royale plugin also. So, that’s that.

What’s More to Tell?

As MemberPress was designed to be a very tight WordPress plugin, it is compatible with any WordPress themes. MemberPress supports BBPress, Simple Press Forum, WP Forum and Mingle Forum – meaning that you can create your own community which is protected by a password by installing one of the mentioned forums. MemberPress has relevant reporting functions that keep you informed about your membership endeavors and how your site is doing in regards to profit. Pricing pages have several out of the box themes available for your use, but you can also customize them yourself. The support team is also there to help.

Other Similar Tools

From the top of my head – aMember and s2Member. The main features of these two and MemberPress are basically the same, but some things do differ. For example, aMember has a built-in affiliate program that you have to pay for in MemberPress, and a basic internal email management system too that is more advanced than in MemberPress. aMember also supports more payment gateways. Then there’s s2Member. This one too has more support for different payment gateways than MemberPress, has more mailing list functionalities and also supports multi-site blog networking. Even though MemberPress is okay and relatively low-priced, I’d choose s2Member for it is even cheaper and has more features.


There are yearly payments. The Business version of MemberPress costs 99/a year and can be used on one site only. The Developer licence is a yearly $199 and can be used on unlimited sites, plus it adds support for

MemberPress Review – Done

MemberPress is simple to use and works well with WordPress. That and the fact it has a flexible yearly cost is about everything that is really noteworthy about it. You can do better, as you can read above.


Should the need arise, purchase MemberPress.


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