MemberSnap Review – Cloud-Based Membership Site Builder

MemberSnap ReviewWhat is MemberSnap?

It’s one of those types of products that promise you a lot – and by “a lot” I mean residual income for the rest of your life. MemberSnap can help you in building a membership site. Actually, you don’t really have to do anything, because the tool will do the building for you. It is an online application that produces membership websites in a “snap” as it were. I wrote this review to share some of my thoughts on the product with you.

How Does It Work?

The whole behind the scenes stuff is of course kept a secret, but MemberSnap can literally spit out membership sites that are all set up within minutes. You just log in to MemberSnap and are able to create a new membership site with some mouse clicks.

Choose a Domain Name

In order to get started with your membership site, you need to have a domain name for it. If you already have it, you need to have them pointed to MemberSnap servers. To do that, you have to copy/paste MemberSnap name servers into the server fields. You can also choose to set your site up on an existing MemberSnap domain.

MemberSnap Basic Initial Site Customization

Before building a membership site with MemberSnap, you are required to designate the template for the website, its name as well as the payment processor.

MemberSnap Advanced Site Customization – Start a Membership Site

Once the membership site creator has finished setting up your site, you have several options available what you want to change or add. Stop for a minute. What are we talking about exactly? Membership Sites! For you to have members, you have to have something that people want or need – in this case, products. MemberSnap allows you upload downloadable products like eBooks, video trainings, tutorials and so on – basically virtual products, right? MemberSnap also supports product drip feeding, which means that you can keep people on your site as members longer by enticing them with opportunities.

Edit Your Site Pages and Templates with MemberSnap

Since your site is already up and running there’s really no need to do anything else but to promote it. Not entirely true – maybe you want to tweak the site to your liking? By using the basic WYSIWYG editor within MemberSnap, you can customize every page on your website. Editing headers and footers can also be done as well as customizing the header and footer code, plus CSS styles.

Set Membership Levels

If you’re building a membership site, you want membership levels too – it’s pretty obvious. With MemberSnap you can create different membership levels that may get upgraded after a member purchases a product; it’s your choice.

MemberSnap Built-in Autoresponder System

You can have MemberSnap send autoresponder messages to your leads based on your specified date. An autoresponder can also be set up for your squeeze page.


MemberSnap costs an annual 47 dollars. For that price you get 3 ready to go websites. Should you change your mind about MemberSnap, you’ll be happy to know that you can return the product within 60 days and get your money back.


MemberSnap is a readymade solution for building membership sites fast. I personally like that the software makes it seem so easy. Click a few buttons and you’re done! Everything regarding your membership sites is easily customizable and the fact that you can just create a blank website in just minutes is also noteworthy, because it gives you more freedom to mess around with your site. MemberSnap also comes with instructions on how to handle it and make the best of promoting your sites.


I’m sorry to say that I think this is another product that is nicely packaged, but holds little value.For starters – the sites you can have is limited. Imagine if thousands of people had MemberSnap – thousands of sites would look the same. You still have to drive traffic to your site – and that’s one of the hardest parts in making money online.

What I Think of MemberSnap

I would recommend you create your sites free with WordPress that offers a lot more options than MemberSnap. You are not limited to membership sites when creating your own sites and have more flexibility with product marketing and sales. This MemberSnap review stops here.

However, if you’re interested, – Snap!” – and you can get MemberSnap.

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