Micro Niche Finder Review – The Cream of the Crop of Keyword Research Tools

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The obligatory thing to say would be: yes, keywords are very important, they are the cornerstone of online affiliate marketing, and anyone who’s serious about making money online should first find a niche and do extensive keyword research before starting anything. But what niche should you pick? How to come up with good high-ranking keywords that would make your SEO efforts pay off? There are countless niches out there that many people are competing for. Micro Niche Finder is a keyword research software that can help you buypass these problems.

How to Go About It?

Micro Niche Finder operates the way you would expect from a keyword research tool. Type in a keyword and the program will display results depicting related keywords and search terms.


At this point you have several options what to do next – you can filter the results, check out domain availability for each keyword, buy domains straight from within the application, check out the strenght of competition (SOC) for specific keywords, dig into long keyword phrases to uncover more profitable keywords, find content and search for affiliate programs. This keyword research software is a nugget. Now I will lay down more info on some of the features mentioned.


The fact that Micro Niche Finder presents you the strenght of competition level for every keyword is probably one of it’s most valuable features. SOC displays in a red, orange or green traffic light. Red means that it’s near impossible to rank for a specific keyword, orange tells you that it’s tough, but can be done, and green means go! It’s very welcome that all the data that is used to measure SOC is presented in a neatly compact way. This saves time as you don’t have to go through mountains of data to figure out whether it’s worth taking a shot at a niche.

Diggin’ In

If you have a keyword phrase and are having trouble trimming it down to a nice hot heavy-traffic keyword then you can use the narrow or broad dig features which will expose you to both micro niche keywords and those which have higher search counts. You can go both ways if you should find yourself in a jam.

Content Finder Function

Should you have a u keyword or a keyword phrase in your hands that could use some content in your blog or articles then let Micro Niche Finder loose at it. The software will search for your keyword related content to boost your verbal ammunition.

Scan for Affiliate Programs

If you have found a profitable niche, good keywords and perhaps even a suitable domain to go along with them, then you can search for corresponding ClickBank affiliate programs.

Other Noteworthy Features

You can take your keyword research even deeper by choosing a geographic location. Niche Finder allows you to select a language too. The software also exhibits management functions such as the option to save all your keyword searches and related results and more.

Comparison with Market Samurai, Niche Finder, SECockpit and KeywordSpy

If you’re looking to buy Micro Niche Finder, you might also consider Market Samurai, Niche Finder, SECockpit and KeywordSpy. I would by the latter, because it’s not just a keyword research tool that all the others mainly pride themselves in, but it can also literally spy on your online marketing competitors, use their keywords and SEO strategies. So why not go for the real deal?


You can get Micro Niche Finder for $99. To that you can add unlimited support and upgrades, plus a money-back guarantee. The cost is acceptable when considering the value of the information it gets you.

 All in All

Micro Niche Finder is the keyword research tool to get when you want results with relative ease.


SEO and keyword research go hand in hand with Micro Niche Finder.


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