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I’ve got something for you: the promo code for MoviePress, a PremiumPress theme for creating video websites. Are you by any chance interested? If the answer is yes, then I’ll tell you a little more about MoviePress, but if you’re not interested – it’s okay, I understand, believe me.

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Here’s the MoviePress discount coupon for a straight 30% off the price (which is 80 by the way):

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MoviePress Discount CouponAbout

I like surfing YouTube sometimes – you do too, right? Then you know how it feels. Now imagine you could recreate the same emotion in someone else visiting your video site. The MoviePress theme I’m talking about here can help you in making it a reality. To make your own video website you only have to have an existing WordPress installation and enough patience to activate the theme.

MoviePress Video Features

MoviePress is a WordPress video site theme that can get your movie site ideas online ASAP. And with the promo code mentioned above you can get to it even faster. MoviePress is simple and basic, meaning that you can choose to just upload your own videos, and it’s more professional at the same time as well, meaning that you can import videos from other video sites like YouTube and MetaCafe. MoveiPress can divide videos into separate categories, help you set up trailers plus featured and latest videos. The outcome could be quite YouTube-like.

Designing Your Freshly Created Video Site

Combining the promo code for this WordPress video theme with your own imagination is actually a good thing – and you know why? Because that will allow you to get MoviePress for less coin! Stupid isn’t it? But true. Alright, you can design your site too with MoviePress. You can change the colors, the shapes and sizes, layouts, buttons and so forth of your website. The important thing to remember here is to make your site look interesting – that in turn might interest the people landing on your site and thus grant you more followers and in turn – yes! – make you more money.

MoviePress Membership Packages

The reason you’re reading this article is that when you create your own video site you want to get paid for your trouble. This MoviePress theme can make it happen. By setting up membership packages and blocking access to parts of your site or videos you can make a decent buck if people do sign up. But I doubt that they sign up for nothing – not with YouTube hanging around. So you need to eliminate the competition and be better. Membership packages can range from whatever you want them to be like – free, low-cost, high-cost etc. Picking the features they contain is up to you as it should be.

Affiliate Tools and Email Marketing

Should it happen that you can’t get the attention you want from people and end up not seeing any visitors, you can always fall back on the affiliate commission option. MoviePress comes with an array of import tools that display affiliate feeds on your site. And the built-in email manager lets you get viral on your members if you have them.


Not all you hoped for? See the full MoviePress review before using the MoviePress discount coupon – just so you know what you’re getting.



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