MoviePress Review – Create Your Own Video Website by Using This Premium WordPress Theme

MoviePress Review - Create Your Own Video Website by Using This Premium WordPress Theme WordPress Video Site Theme for Catching Up With YouTube and MetaCafe

I’ve sometimes found myself wondering how are the guys who created YouTube and MetaCafe doing. They had one hell of an idea and they must have made a fortune with it. Well, I don’t exactly know about that, but let’s move on. Would you like to have your very own video website? I can assure you it’s much easier for you now than it was for those people who made YouTube happen, because there’s a WordPress theme that can make it happen with little to no effort. It’s called MoviePress.

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MoviePress is a Movie Site WordPress Theme

It was developed by PremiumPress and works pretty much the same way as the other premium WordPress themes internally. So, in order to create your own video website, you must have content and plenty of other features to tweak it with and make your site more diverse. I’ll list some of the main functions of this WordPress video site theme for you.

MoviePress Import Tools or How to Get Videos to Your Site

This functionality enables you to import videos from large video sites such as YouTube and MetaCafe. Just go and have a look around in your admin area. You can also simply upload your own videos.

Design Your Site with MoviePress

If you’re keen on having your video website look exactly the way you want, then the built-in designer tools will help you. Pick colors and layouts for nearly everything that can be customized on your website, remove website elements and use sliders to promote different videos.

MoviePress Video Features

A Premium WordPress video site theme such as this can’t be too simple, even if it’s just a WordPress theme. You can create distinct sections for featured and latest videos so your site will appear more YouTube-like, which is good. What you want to do is set up categories for your videos as well for easier video access. If you have premium membership packages, you can use video trailers to lure peoples’ curiosity into a trap and make them become a member. And last, but not least – MoviePress has its own video player which you can customize to your liking.


Again, one of those PremiumPress features that they advertise in the case of every theme – membership packages. This might as well be your primary source of income when using MoviePress, because it’s what you can have the most influence on. You determine the price and people will decide whether that price is worth the access you’re giving them.

Other Possible Revenue and Other Possible Features of Interest

Be it advertising, email marketing or affiliate product promotion – you can do it with MoviePress, although the features provided for that are relatively basic. As for how to know how your video website is doing, you can integrate Google Adsense and Google Analytics as well as check out the popularity of your membership packages from the site summary charts.


Just activate the theme and you’ll have a personal YouTube under your command. It’s easy to operate, looks good and holds itself together quite well when it comes to features.


PremiumPress advertises this WordPress video site theme in a very poor way in my opinion. The so-called benefits like SEO, Google Maps support and “affiliate commission” are hardly worth the price you’ll be paying for this premium theme. Leaving the need to earn money aside, why would you want to charge visitors to view some videos they can watch on YouTube without paying anything? The choice is yours, but I don’t really trust this.

The Money – The Price

79 dollars.

Looking Back

I tried to be as neutral as I could in this MoviePress Review, but was on a biased roll toward the end. I don’t think this WordPress movie theme is worth your money.

If you disagree, then be my guest and go purchase MoviePress.

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