MyReviewPlugin 15% Discount Coupon Promo Code – Save Some on This WordPress Review Sites Plugin

MyReviewPlugin is a WordPress plugin which allows you to create detailed review sites. This so called promo article gives you a chance to save some money if you intend to purchase the software. The discount code is:

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What You Get – MyReviewPlugin Intro

MyReviewPlugin has many features that can make your review site stand out from all the others out there – you need some imagination of your own too because this ain’t no magic tool. The MyReviewPlugin Discount Coupon handed out here points you toward a sort of financial shortcut to the plugin.

What You Get – The Nitty-Gritty

You can insert both editorial reviews and have users submit their own reviews in the form of a comment. You can also combine these two to make up a dominant rating. The rating styles you can use vary from star ratings to percentages – I personally like this feature because sometimes I’d like to see something else than stars. I’d like to see brutal pass/fail too in the rating section. You can set your posts to be ordered by different measures like chronology, popularity and more and have reviews disabled or enabled for certain pages if you choose. The comparison tables provided by MyReviewPlugin are noteworthy too – they grab attention. You can design your review site to a degree as well, plus use fancy tooltips and the micro formatting feature. And last but not least – there are the three little green men. You’ll have to read the full review o find out about those guys.

MyReviewPlugin – What You Got

If you choose to use this MyReviewPlugin 15% Discount Coupon Promo Code, you’ll get the plugin. Until then, you have no such thing, unless you want to buy it at a higher cost without the discount.

I have also written a bigger sort of MyReviewPlugin Review. Check it out too.


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