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MyReviewPlugin ReviewMyReviewPlugin – Review Site Plugin for WordPress

Writing product reviews is one of the most efficient ways to make money online. Various themes and plugins exist for WordPress that make creating a review site easier. Of course, most people don’t just write reviews from the kindness of their heart – most of the sites out there that promote products are affiliate review websites. MyReviewPlugin helps you build a review website that looks very professional and good, plus comes with a lot of useful features. Follow me through this MyReview Plugin review to learn more.

MyReviewPlugin Features Overview

Rating System

MyReviewPlugin allows for both user and editorial reviews. The editorial reviews are the main reviews; users and visitors can submit mini-reviews in comment boxes and use the star rating function to assess the product they’re reviewing. In the comment section for users you can set categories that appear in front of the star rating and other information to diversify visitor reviews. The really cool thing is that you can combine editor ratings with user ratings – this will generate an average or “dominant” administrator’s rating which is very democratic and the most believable. When you check out a review site that has taken into account the opinions of both editors and users then you trust it.

Rating Styles

If you’re not a fan of the classic star rating, you can choose letter grades, percentages or simple pass/fail rating styles instead. I like that the rating feature of this WordPress plugin is not limited by the star rating only, because sometimes you might need something different to fit the context.

Enable and Disable Reviews

This feature makes your review site more flexible, because building a review website does not negate the fact that you would like to insert other elements into it that are not reviews. So, if you want to have posts or pages that do not contain reviews, then you can set MyReviewPlugin to be deactivated on those locations.

MyReview Plugin Post Order Options and Bayesian Weighting

The plugin allows you to order posts according to different measures. Be it by chronology (which is not the best idea for review sites), number of ratings, popularity, weighted count or Bayesian weighting. The later ensures that posts with higher ratings but with less reviews get rated lower than the ones with a bit lower rating and much more reviews such as a five star rated product with ten reviews vs a 4.9 star rated product with a hundred reviews. You can also sort the posts by ascending or descending order.

MyReviewPlugin Comparison Tables

A review site plugin needs product comparison tables to enhance its effectiveness. People like tables more than text, because it is easier that way. By throwing tables at them with overviews you can be sure that it sparks their interest. But that’s only if the tables are worth looking at – “no problem”, says MyReviewPlugin. When creating comparison tables you can choose from a wide array of themes and colors to design them. You can make both horizontal and vertical comparison tables and have them display custom comparative information such as file size, price, technical requirements and so on. MyReviewPlugin cooperates with, which makes it possible for adding screenshots and product images.

“Was This Review Helpful to You”

Yes, you can use this feature to get a thumbs up or thumbs down from users.

Site Design

There are a total of eight themes that you can apply when creating a review site. MyReviewPlugin allows you to fully customize nearly every element appearing on your site. It also supports widgets that you can use to the latest or top rated posts on your sidebar.


With this features, you can use MyReviewPlugin to make other themes work as review sites by embedding different functionalities.

Micro Formats and Google Maps Support

The MyReviewPlugin micro-format integration lets you display star ratings within Google results, thus allowing your reviews to be indexed faster. You can also add Google maps to posts and pages.


You know the ones that pop up when you hover over a word or phrase? These are the ones I’m talking about – you can use them anywhere with MyReviewPlugin.

Three Additional Plugins or “Three Little Green Men” for Affiliate Purposes

The reason you are creating a review site is probably to earn affiliate commissions. I’ll introduce them to you: Dr. Link, Import Man and Comment Man.

Dr. Link

This plugin can cloak your affiliate links and make them appear in a “visit site” style. How devious. Dr. Link also makes managing your affiliate links easier. You can specify links for keywords, meaning that you can save a whole lot of time by not adding individual links to each post. It’s good for the occasion of you’re in need of changing affiliate links too.

Import Man

You can import loads of content within minutes with Import Man. There are several import types available (CSV, RSS feeds, Google News, Digg etc.). You can also import by URL. This plugin is good if you want your site set up as fast as possible.

Little Comment Man

The MyReviewPlugin Little Comment Man can fill your site with user ratings and unique comments by using the JetSpinner syntax.


The single site licence is 90 bucks and the unlimited site licence with three bonus themes is 130 dollars. I figure the cost is at par with the feature set, so I can’t really complain.

Advantages and Disadvantages of MyReviewPlugin

If you spend money on building a review site with this WordPress plugin you are getting everything you need, except the support. I’ve read posts on forums indicating that at this point the state of technical support for MyReviewPlugin is quite obscure. You should proceed with caution when buying it.

The Verdict

MyReviewPlugin has all the features that make creating a review website possible. Not only that – you can make a great review website with this plugin. Thumbs up!

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