NeoDownloader Review and Discount Coupon – Download Thousands of Files With Just a Few Clicks!

NeoDownloader Review and Discount Coupon - Download Thousands of Files With Just a Few Clicks!NeoDownloader is a tool that you can use to download pictures, videos, GIFs and other files in bulk from any website. This means you can fill your storage with thousands of pictures in a matter of a few clicks. It works by going to the webpage or gallery of your choice and then it automatically downloads the specified content – a single image, a gallery, multiple galleries, an entire website etc. The choice is up to you.

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Ease of Use

NeoDownloader has a drag-and-drop function that you can use to make your life easier. It works very simply, you just drag web links from your browser into NeoDownloader’s floating download basket. This means downloading large amount of files can be a matter of a few clicks. This is probably the easiest way of improving your artwork, wallpaper, music, video or funny pictures folder. You can use it for any kind of content of course, including other kind of files like documents etc. It is possible to create a list of URLs to download from, this makes downloading thousands of files even easier. Thanks to advanced filtering, you can be sure that any unwanted content will be avoided.


Not only is NeoDownloader easy to use, it also has a few good extra functions. For example downloading from sites that use TGP or password protection – not a problem. The program allows for 20 simultaneous downloads which can seriously boost your download speed if you have the bandwidth. Thanks to a built in image viewer and slideshow possibility, you can check your content without the need of additional programs. An audio/video player is also built into the program. ZIP and RAR archives are supported as well.



You can contact NeoDownloader staff via the support section of their home page. They don’t seem to have any video guides online but that’s okay, plenty of videos on Youtube etc. This program is so easy to use that you won’t really need a guide anyway. Any problems you might encounter will surely be worked out when you contact the staff via the contact form.


You can get NeoDownloader for the price of $34.95. This price can be cut down further with the use of the discount coupon at the top of this page.

When purchasing, you have to make sure you are familiar with their upgrade policy and benefits. Minor upgrades are free – upgrades like from 1.3 to 1.4 to 1.5 etc but new full versions for example from 1.5 to 2.0 you have to pay a discount price, however, if you have purchased the program 30 days before the new version came out, the upgrade is free.

The benefits that come with purchasing are as follows: an unrestricted and fully functional copy, free minor upgrades and discounts for major ones and priority support by e-mail for all technical matters.


A free version for NeoDownloader is available for all interested parties. There are a few limitations for this program in this state however. The few most important differences are – only JPEG format can be downloaded with a maximum speed of 128kb/sec. The limit of files per project is 2,000. You can’t filter downloaded files or download from password protected sites. The maximum amount of simultaneous downloads is 3. The media player function is also disabled but it doesn’t really matter since you can’t download video/audio files anyway and you still have the image viewer for pictures.

The free version is a possible alternative for someone who wants to check out the ease of use and general layout of this program but it is not a viable solution for mass downloading of files from the internet.


In conclusion, NeoDownloader is a program that is easy to use and one that will make compiling large galleries of photos, music or videos a pleasure. Thanks to advanced filtering and downloading options, you can be sure that you will receive only the content that you are looking for and nothing else. There is no limit to download speed or the size of the downloadable files. When smaller groups of photos can be downloaded with limited speed using the trial version, it is not a complete and serious tool if you want to create vast and complete galleries of photos/videos/music.

If you feel like this program can be of help to you, check out the comparison page of the full and free versions and if you decide that you want the full version, consult the purchase site to place your order. Also, don’t forget to use the discount coupon at the top of this article as it will give you a nice discount on the product.

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