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Niche Finder is a keyword finder software. That being said, you can take full advantage of the other features the software has to offer as well. While keywords are an integral part in the success of your SEO rankings, coming up with relevant keywords that you can easily rank for is often a frustrating task. Niche Finder can help you with your keyword research.

Using Niche Finder: The Beginning

Having a Google Adwords account is necessary, because Niche Finder will use it to find keywords on the search engine.  It can’t really get any simpler: enter the keyword for your niche, press the Start button and wait for the results, which should me appearing in a couple of minutes, because thorough analysis takes time.

The Results

On the left hand of your screen you’ll see red, yellow and green lights behind related keywords. Red means the keyword is hard to rank for, yellow indicates moderate difficulty, and green is easy. From there you have an understanding what keywords you should use for better SEO rankings. Niche Finder also displays some numerical data concerning monthly searches for keywords both globally and locally.

CPC and Adwords Competition

If you are into advertising, then you’ll be happy to know that the search results will provide you with information on how much money Adwords advertisers will pay for a specific keyword and how many of them are there. The total results column shows the total amount of websites in Google that are competing for a keyword. That’s some pretty useful information.

Exact Match Domains

Niche Finder can also scour the domains witch match to keywords exactly, and shows a link from where to buy that domain name. Should you care, there’s an option to display even aged and expired domains.

Other Features of Niche Finder

One cool thing is that you can take a keyword and have Niche Finder generate a bunch of long tail keywords based on it. You can filter your keyword list too.


There are others that fall into the same “niche”. Keyword research tools like Market Samurai, KeywordSpy and SECockpit cost way more than Niche Finder and the last two even have monthly costs higher than the one-time payment of Niche Finder, but they are also more advanced tools. KeywordSpy allows you to monitor and track your competitors in addition to simple keyword research and SECockpit presents you a very thorough data background to your searches and verifying the validity of it more effectively than Niche Finder. When compared to these others, Niche Finder is a low-budget tool.

How is it and how much are they?

Niche Finder is 97 dollars. Market Samurai costs 149 USD. KeywordSpy and SECockpit have a monthly cost: the former is 99/a month and the latter is 89.95/a month for the keyword research facility, while the tracking function doubles the price. The choice is yours, but one thing is certain – they are all useful SEO tools.

That’s all folks!

Your SEO rankings will reward you for what you invest in keyword research. Niche Finder will save you time for that matter. Let’s face it: it’s all about the money. And if you’re a determined internet marketer then this software will earn it back in no time.


Get your hands on Niche Finder as soon as you’ve decided on a niche!


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