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Easy Wp SEO - Simple SEO Software for On Page SEOHow to use SEO on WordPress? You most likely have a blog that is powered by WordPress and you need an SEO reporting tool that would point you in the right direction on how to optimize your post for search engines. My suggestion: get Easy WP SEO. I’ll tell you why.

From All the Good SEO Tools, Pick Easy WP SEO

The title above refers to the situation where you have already decided to purchase a premium WordPress SEO plugin, because free ones do not count right now. In continuation of my strong statement at the end of the first paragraph, Easy WP SEO is one of the most affordable and simple SEO software, as well as a to-the-point SEO tool.

Easy WP SEO Advantages

This plugin towers above others in the SEO tools list, because it has a very straightforward, no bull kind of attitude.  If you insert a main keyword phrase into the field, every word counts, as Easy WP SEO doesn’t take the phrase as a single word and increases keyword density as a result. It’s not an all in one SEO tool that gives you other SEO factors to consider either, further contributing to its ease of use and low price. What I’ve come to realize is that some other similar SEO management tools stack many layers of additional SEO features on top of each other that you don’t really need.

Cheap SEO Tools can be Great SEO Tools

On Page SEO Plugins should analyse the entire HTML page. Easy WP SEO does that efficiently. It’s low priced but delivers everything within that range, including the analysis of seven key SEO factors, readability and latent semantic indexing.

What more can I say? Always pick one specific tool for a purpose that doesn’t blur the goal it’s meant to achieve.


More on the plugin in this Easy WP SEO Review.


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  1. I have searched about Easy WP SEO, it’s a good On-page SEO plugin but I would like to suggest for SEO Pressor because it has many features like you can refresh the analysis without having to update the whole post.

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