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Onlywire review - automatic bookmarking toolGetting your wires around the world — that’s what OnlyWire is meant for

Like many other softwares, plugins and SEO tools, OnlyWire eventually has only one single purpose and that is to drive traffic to your site and increase your visibility on the web. OnlyWire does this by automatically providing that your submissions reach social networks, or as one would say, the juicy core of backlinks.

Let’s get down to business

Yes, social networks and bookmarking sites are important sources for gaining prominence on the net, but there are so many of them that posting to each site manually could really turn you off from staring at the screen. As mentioned before, OnlyWire is an automated solution to your problem of that nature.

Yeah, yeah…the specifics please!

You sign up for an account, install the program, set the account up for the social networks or bookmarking websites you want your content submissions appear on and that’s it! You can also download the OnlyWire WordPress plugin and watch as OnlyWire submits your blog post to social networks every time you update your blog. Pretty cool, huh?

How about some more?

OnlyWire basically has four inbuilt tools and services that you can use to maximise your efforts. They fall into the categories of submission, automation, reporting and sharing.

Tools of the trade: submission

The OnlyWire scheduler allows for — what else? — scheduling. You can plan future submissions by picking a time and date for them to be posted.


This is the pinnacle of OnlyWire. For example, the automated submission of your WordPress posts to social networks is a great feature that is sure to generate some quality backlinks. For those with the knack for programming can use the OnlyWire API to integrate content into their own CMS. You can also connect RSS feeds to OnlyWire services.


Analysing and hindsight are always useful. The OnlyWire Analytics gives you an overview of how your submissions are doing and how many backlinks and traffic you are generating. Know your history — OnlyWire gives you a detailed account of it; in order to download the complete history of your submissions you have to specify a user name and a range of dates.


These tools include the multi user function which means you can create unlimited user accounts for different purposes, for example if you have clients. The package also contains the share button option that you can use to get people to share your site’s content to your chosen social networks. You can customise the button yourself and find what best suits for you. If you are running the free trial version of OnlyWire then you can’t turn the OnlyWire ad that’s inside the button off. As a final piece of info on the sharing tool, you can make use of the browser bookmarklet to submit a web page or social status update to OnlyWire.


Aside from the free trial edition, Only Wire comes in two versions. The first is the Pro version which has an ambiguous cost of starting at 12.99 USD a month. It is suitable for individual bloggers, as it doesn’t support the unlimited users function. It also lacks upgraded support and the ability to brand your submissions. The second, the Enterprise version has everything the Pro lacks, but it also lacks the affordability. “Starting” from $99 a month, who knows where it might take you?

Why would it be a good choice

Connecting to social networks and bookmarking websites is what’s happening if you want higher rankings and drive traffic. Automated content submission might do the trick and even save you some time. The free trial version also gives you a glimpse of OnlyWire, so you can’t lose, except some of your personal information. But if you’re comfortable with that, it’s cool.

Why not?

Your submissions might start to clog up the sites and annoy the people they were supposed to attract. Perfect your content and research the niche first.

Connection to TribePro

I urge you to read my TribePro review to enhance the potential you gain from submitting your content with OnlyWire. TribePro together with OnlyWire will double your visibility on the Web.

Powering down

I’m writing this final segment of my OnlyWire Review and am thinking what else to say. What the heck, try it out at least. I’m assuming if you have quality content then there is no reason why people shouldn’t know about it — use OnlyWire to let them know!

Take OnlyWire for a spin

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