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Product Review WordPress Theme reviewPrelude

I know it’s quite pointless to say that affiliate commissions you get from your reviews sites are a popular way of making money, because everybody knows it already. But for the sake of the coherence of the text I said it anyway. Now, what drove you here is curiosity, am I right? Partly, but the bigger part is that you want Product Review WordPress Theme. You just need some information. Well, you came to the right place. I’ll give you a short rundown. Ah, it’s dark outside already and cold too on this January afternoon. Let us begin!

Product Review WordPress Theme

I am reviewing exactly what the product name says. It’s a WordPress theme for creating clean and authoritative looking product reviews. It is pretty basic and comes equipped with several features we’re going to inspect in this overwiew.

Simple yet Effective Paint Job

The Product Review WordPress Theme looks good. Actually, it looks pretty simple. I like simple things that look good. The colour combinations are relaxing and you can rest your eyes on the design. If I see a site that has made an effort to look good and not scream to my face to buy something at the same time, then it evokes trust. Whether I’m going to buy something it doesn’t matter, what matters is the way you treat the visitor. Oh, but enough morality!

Outward Structure

You got the header at the top and it allows you to upload your custom design or logo. The review snippets take up most of the page on the left. Then there is the ranking box which is on the right side of the screen. Underneath that you can place the optin box supporting all the major autoresponders. The customisable top, sidebar, and footer menus can depict info about you, the privacy policy or the articles themselves; take your pick.

The Anatomy of the Ranking Box

It is the list of your reviewed products from the best to worst. The five-star rating system and the green-gray-red color palette is professional looking and easy to understand.

The Best, the Worst and the In-Between

You can put „best” and „worst” stickers on your reviewed products. If you don’t want to go down that road then you can remove them. It’s too bad you cant put a „whatever” sticker on some of them, but the colour grey indicates as much to begin with.

Devilish Qualities

Product Review WordPress Theme is sneaky! Your affiliate links are cloaked. It just says „visit website” on it. Does this thing mean business or what? It’s just funny, but devastatily effective as it looks more trustworthy. The bright final conclusion box at the end of your review can make the biggest difference, because if people really don’t have the time to read the whole text, they’ll just scroll down. And that’s where you hit them with another masked affiliate link! Yeah!

User Reviews

You can let users leave their own reviews and ratings of the product by means of a comment. You could soon have a thriving community on your hands with this function.

There Could be More Than One Niche to Your Site…What Happens Then?

The Product Review WordPress Theme will organise them accordingly and set categories.

SEO Possibilities

The Theme’s SEO function enables you to enter the overall title, description and keywords of your blog, as well as well as individual ones for each post and page.

Price and Coda or in Other Words the “THE FINAL CONCLUSION”

The 47 bucks you have to pay for Product Review WordPress Theme might actually be worth it, because this theme looks so nice and is well organised. It could be a headache to create something like this by yourself. You get unlimited reviews on unlimited domains and some instructive tutorial videos to wash it down with. To be honest, you can set up a good reviews blog without this theme. It’s just a shortcut, and might therefore be unnecessary waste of money to some people.

The 10-minute video and all the info you need about the product can be found on productreviewwordpresstheme.com. Oh, yes, that’s the place you can buy it too.


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