ParetoLogic RegCure Pro Review – Clean Your Registry and Boost PC Performance with This Software

ParetoLogic RegCure ProProblems usually arise from either hardware or software, and sometimes – if you’re not an expert or at least experienced in the field – it is hard to differentiate between the two sources. However, what you can do to make damn sure that the problem isn’t software-related is to clean your registry and remove anomalies falling into the same category. In order to speed up your computer and maximize its full potential, I’d use a registry cleaner program called RegCure Pro. I’ll tell you all about it in this ParetoLogic RegCure Pro review of mine.

ParetoLogic RegCure Pro

It is quite natural for a PC to slow down when it gets clustered with all sorts of hindering software elements. Add to that some viruses that may infect the already feeble computer and you’ve got a crisis on your hands. RegCure Pro is packed with healing features that can get your computer back in the ring. RegCure Pro helps you in fixing system errors and removing malware + it also can make your computer boot faster, and defrag memory.

Find and Fix System Errors

There’s nothing like an ultra-slow computer that crashes all the time to bring you down. When RegCure Pro scans your computer form performance issues, the first in the list will be system problems. RegCure can clean the registry by removing shell extensions, uninstall entries, and file path references, application paths, ActiceX errors, shared DLLs, and more. Having a neat registry is one of the most important steps toward a faster PC.

Get Rid of Malware

How to get rid of a virus on your computer? The most common answer is to use an anti-virus program. The good news is that the ParetoLogic RegCure Pro also comes with an integrated malware removal module that scans for active malware on your computer and eliminates it.

Speed Up Your Computer

Ungh, isn’t it annoying to wait for an absurdly long time for your PC to boot up? Yep – and that’s why RegCure Pro has an antidote. The tool identifies programs that are unnecessary for startup, and hence just slow it down. This knowledge helps you organize your software usage more efficiently. Sometimes it can happen that your PC gets loaded with pointless programs that are all launching at the same time when you turn your computer on – this is not good.

Privacy and Junk Files

Another way to boost the performance of your PC is to remove sensitive information and junk files. Passwords and other credentials may remain on your computer through regular browsing, and can fall into the hands of hackers. RegCure is able to remove privacy items, and junk files that are no longer used.

Other Tools

In addition to cleaning your registry and speeding up your computer, RegCure Pro can defrag memory; quickly find programs for opening file extensions, boost browser work by disabling useless helpers, and set up restore points.


That’s it for this ParetoLogic RegCure Pro Review. I like the tool.


The license for RegCure Pro costs $29.97. You can get the money back within thirty days if you are not satisfied with the product, and you can also try out the thing for free.

Download RegCure Pro trial version.


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