PopUp Domination Review – Software for Utilizing and Customizing Pop-Ups

Popup domination reviewWhat exactly is PopUp Domination?

It is a software that is meant for generating customized pop-ups. You can make use of PopUp Domination as a WordPress plugin or a standalone version, as you can install it on any other site that doesn’t run WordPress. PopUp Domination also supports all mailing list software like AWeber, iContact and Constant to say the least.

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Why would it interest you?

Let’s say you have a blog. You want to make money by attracting subscribers to read your content, but you are not getting enough opt-ins. This is where PopUp Domination comes in. A bunch of people have reported a rapid increase in their email subscribers list by adding pop-ups to their site. More subscribers mean more revenue. I’d say that is reason enough why consider this software. Ah, but there is more. Let’s have a look.

Install it

Install it as a WordPress plugin, upload the zip file, activate it and you’re free to start messing around with the settings.

Customising the look and feel of your pop-ups

The main thing about a pop-up is the way it looks, right? Yes. You don’t want some bland white box with no personality whatsoever appearing somewhere on your stylish site. Well, of course it all depends on the way your site looks. That’s why it’s cool that PopUp Domination has a range of colour themes and combinations for you to choose from to create the pop-ups that suit the best. If you have a little design knowledge then you can also tinker with the files under the advanced tab for further customisation. Otherwise the default templates should be just fine.

Schedule when and where the lightbox appears

I’m not a fan of pop-ups and usually feel uncomfortable when people try to aggressively sell me something. But business is business. I’d probably use the same methods if I tried to make money. But these methods can be used with tact. With PopUp Domination you can set your pop-ups appear on different pages at different times. For example you can have a pop-up appear when a person is about to leave the site or head to a different page. It’s all up to you and to the sensitivity of your customers.

Split testing for best results

This means that you can test different views on different pop-ups and see which one is the best way to go. Sometimes a tiny nuance can make a difference and split testing presents you with an option for finding out!

Analytics and targeting

The PopUp Domination analytics function allows you to see what pages and pop-ups are the hottest. This knowledge can be really helpful to plan future content and pop-up changes for different pages as you gain an understanding what attracts people the most about your blog.

Good and bad

No doubt pop-ups are great for building your email list, but for some people they are a nuisance. Instead of increasing the amount of subscribers, you might eventually deter people from viewing your site after a few visits if you go too far with pop-ups. So plan wisely!

Over and out

Yeah, if money’s the goal then popups will fuel your fire to reach it for $77. If you have the know-how then this will probably be just change compared to what you’ll be making. Otherwise you probably wouldn’t be reading this review if you didn’t know something about the subject.

Here’s the real McCoy. That is the official site of PopUp Domination.

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