Premiumpress Responsive Classifieds Theme Review: WordPress Theme for Building Classifieds Website

WordPress Classifieds Theme Review - Premium Classifieds WordPress Theme Lends a Hand in Order to Build a Classifieds WebsiteAbout WordPress Classifieds Theme

If you have read some of my other reviews of PremiumPress themes, then some of the information you will come across in this one will not surprise you, because there’s a sort of general pattern running through most PremiumPress themes when it comes to some features. Today, I’m going to tell you a little about Classifieds Theme for WordPress, which is a premium theme to be exact, and how to build a classifieds website using this theme.

How to Make a Classified Ads Website with WordPress Classifieds Theme

The theme is basically all set up for you – all you need to do is define categories for classifieds and do a little designing and you’re done. I mean designing as in simply adjusting color themes, templates and website elements; it has nothing to do with programming, so don’t worry. Buy the way, if you do like to dabble in code, WordPress Classifieds Theme comes with a 100 % open source code.

Member Submissions – Your Main Source of Income Regarding this WordPress Theme

PremiumPress has developed this theme as well as many others, the main function of which primarily relies on the number of people you can get to subscribe as members to your site. The most profitable way of doing this, since we’re speaking of classifieds websites, is to create membership packages that enable people to create accounts and upload their own classifieds ads to your site. The cost of these membership packages may vary and it’s up to you what features you choose to add to them. Even more so, you are the one who decides what fields of information will appear at user classifieds submission for visitors to fill. The member area also allows visitors to edit their personal details.

User File Uploads

This theme enables users to upload video, image and PDF files. Members can also create image galleries. In order to keep your website speed optimal, there’s an image editing tool available for image cropping and resizing.

Search Tools

No site would be complete without an internal search engine. If you want to make a classified ads website then you’ll be happy to know that WordPress Classifieds Theme has no such issue as a missing search tool. The search fields are fully customizable too, so you can really take a swing at it!

More Ways to Make a Profit with WordPress Classifieds Theme

Move your eyes a little upward toward the beginning of the review and you’ll notice that I mentioned a sort of common pattern to many PremiumPress themes. This common pattern includes advertising panels, email marketing options (built-in email manager system) and affiliate opportunities. WordPress Classifieds Theme also supports the main payment gateways such as PayPal, Google Checkout etc, which makes it possible for making easy transactions. You can also sell advertising space on your site.

Extra Functions of this WordPress Theme

You can make use of the in-built sliders easily to advertise products as a side income, import products from affiliate sites like Amazon, eBay and Datafeedr and add all types of WordPress plugins and widgets to enhance your site. The classified listings amount that your site can have is unlimited, as are the installations for a single purchase of WordPress Classifieds Theme. Needless to say, an internal messaging system is also in place and the owners of classifieds listings have contact forms. You can also make use of the automatic listings removal tool which removes old listings from your site. Language is not a problem either – just change the existing file or add a new one to suit your needs.


There seems to be a trend in the PremiumPress camp for having a $79 price tag on several premium WordPress themes as is the case with this one too. Once you make the purchase you get free updates, support and new themes as they come out.

The Verdict

I should have named the subtitle of this paragraph as WordPress Classifieds Theme Review – The Verdict because it’s only my opinion. I have not been harsh on WordPress Classifieds Theme nor praised it either, I suppose. But I like it, because it can be useful in the right hands. But don’t expect to get rich overnight if you buy the theme. PremiumPress may say that it’s easy to make money with their themes, but the truth is that it’s not, it takes hard work and dedication. Peace!

Create classifieds websites with WordPress Classifieds Theme – a marketing rally that’s actually true.

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