RealtorPress Discount Coupon – The Promo Code Provided Herein Will Get You 30% Off This WordPress Real Estate Theme

RealtorPress is a real estate website builder theme for WordPress which lets you create real estate websites. All the basic stuff is there – website design, search fields, listings import functions, members area, agent profiles and Google Maps support. The cool thing about this here text is that you can get a decent discount – namely 30% – if you care to use this RealtorPress promo code:

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RealtorPress Coupon CodeRealtorPress Features

I won’t describe the product in great detail, but I will give you some hints of what it’s about and what it can do. If you thought before that building a real estate webite is dfficult then think again – with RealtorPress it’s quite simple.

RealtorPress Webiste Design

Since I mentioned something about basic stuff before then here you go – RealtorPress offers you the possibility of changing the layouts, colors, buttons, menu bars, text styles and so forth. You can also make use of sliders and add Google Maps in order for people to see the location of a property.

Importing Real Estate Listings

You can either add listings manually from the admin area or use the import tools to import CSV or XML files. Your members can upload their own listings too – and you can charge them for it!

Different Rental Types Supported by RealtorPress

This RealtorPress discount article is not about giving away too much information about RealtorPress, just a little. That being said – the rental types supported here are „for rent”, „for lease”, „for sale”, „sold” and so on.


You can set up accounts for real estate agents, visitors, memers and administrators. Each of them has their very own profile page.


There’s not enough information in this text to just go and by RealtorPress, right? Yes! That’s the beauty of marketing – so you could make up your mind you’ll have to read my full RealtorPress review too!

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