RealtorPress Review – A WordPress Theme Designed to Create Great-Looking Real Estate Listing Websites

RealtorPress Review - A WordPress Theme Designed to Create Great-Looking Real Estate Listing Websites WordPress Themes

I’d like to ask you a question. Is there anything you can’t do with WordPress? I mean, look at the themes, for example – any site you need, there’s a WordPress theme for that. No wonder they call it one of the most (if not the most) powerful and popular CMS around. But I’m astray. I wrote this article to recommend a WordPress theme to you. The name of this theme is RealtorPress, it’s from PremiumPress once again, and, by using it, you can build real estate websites with WordPress. Let me elaborate.

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RealtorPress – Make Your Own Custom Real Estate Websites

WordPress themes that give your site a makeover usually come with tools allowing you to design your new facelift site any way you want. RealtorPress is no stranger to that function, as it draws from the deep of WordPress – flexibility and customization. The design tools make it possible for you to change the layout, colors, logos, graphics and so on. The homepage can be customized with drag and drop functions and you can use different types of sliders to advertise and promote products. Of course, you can also turn some of your website’s content on or off.

How to Create a Real Estate Website – Add Real Estate Products with RealtorPress

The WordPress theme under discussion here lets you either add real estate manually or import it from CSV or XML files. And let’s not forget – you can create membership packages for other people to upload their real estate listings.

Visitor Profiles

What matters most about the real estate website you’ll be creating with RealtorPress are the people you can attract to use it. Your site members can be real estate agents, visitors, administrators etc. You can make a different account for each of those types of members with a different profile also. Members will have their own dashboard as well, where they can manage their stuff.

Priced Packages for Commercial Real Estate Websites

The most consistent revenue will come from premium membership packages, the levels of which you can set up yourself. For example, you can have several packages, each with their unique features and cost.


For navigation purposes you can create search fields with your own customization that people could find what they’re looking for easily.

Rental Information

The property displayed on your site can have a sticker on it: “for rent”, “for lease”, “rent to buy”, “for sale” and so forth. Any real estate site should have this information available for property.

Maps in RealtorPress

Google Maps integration gives RealtorPress a professional outward look. If someone is looking to buy real estate, they like to see its exact location on the map.

Other Useful Features

PremiumPress has packed this WordPress theme full of additional features for your benefit. There is a built-in email manager available for promoting products and communication between members, the theme supports Google Adsense and Google Analytics, allows you to place your advertising code on many parts of your website and works well with WordPress widgets and plugins. RealtorPress also has a separate are for different types of articles that can help enhance your website’s overall look and feel.


Like several other premium WordPress themes, PremiumPress sells this one for 79 USD as well.


I’ll state the obvious, though I resent it – RealtorPress is simple to use. You’re ready to go very fast.


Well, I really can’t complain about this specific theme, but it annoys me that PremiumPress has several themes that are marketed with exactly the same product description vocabulary and in some parts the text is even copy/pasted to another theme that has exactly the same features. Is it that they’re lazy or just trying to fill the empty space when there’s nothing left to say? It’s kind of dubious and does not really incite the urge to buy.

My Overall Opinion of RealtorPress

Another WordPress theme – another financial endeavor. If you’re in it for the money, it’s worth a shot.

Go and look at what RealtorPress can do yourself.

Go have a look at Responsive Real Estate Theme.

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