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It’s already getting kind of tiring for me to talk about these PremiumPress themes, because there’s just so many of them and they have a lot of common when it comes to features. But here’s another one: ResumePress. You can use it to build a resume website and make money like with other PremiumPress themes – by charging people for membership packages so they could submit resumes in the first place.

ResumePress Discount Coupon:

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ResumePress discount codeShort Rundown of ResumePress

ResumePress is a resume theme for WordPress which makes it possible for you to easily create resume websites and get them online quick. The flipside is that ResumePress probably isn’t as feature-packed as you’d like, but that’s the deal with low-priced products. You add some color and other adjustments to your website with ResumePress as it comes with site design tools. Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. When people join your site they can display their customized skill sets in a 1-10 star rating; users can also attach a portfolio to their resume and save favorite searches.

ResumePress Discount – What Gives?

I personally wouldn’t buy this product if I didn’t have a discount coupon. Sure it’s only 30% off of 80 bucks, but that’s still something, right? Creating a resume website with this WordPress resume theme is very simple and doesn’t require any technical skills or know-how. That reason alone would probably justify the price, but I still maintain, as I have in some previous reviews of PremiumPress themes, that there is something dubious about PremiumPress. Most of their themes follow the same pattern of making an income from membership packages and the developers have another “fantastic offer” for us (valid between June & July 2012). Make of that what you will.

What the heck, while you’re at it, go see my full ResumePress review as well!

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