ResumePress Review – Use This WordPress Theme to Build a Community Website Displaying Resumes

ResumePress Review ResumePress – Obligatory Incitement

Want to have a take at creating an online community website? Now you have the chance! PremiumPress has something in store for you indeed – ResumePress! It is a premium WordPress theme that makes it possible for you to create online communities with ease, albeit with some financial input from you. Enough promotion, don’t you think? The thing is, what I just said was true, only I left out some relevant information such as the fact that with ResumePress you can let your visitors create online resumes that they can share with other people, mainly clients and employers.

ResumePress Features

The best online communities are concentrated. That is to say, they are for people with similar interests. ResumePress gives you the opportunity to create a community website just like that. Activate the theme and it’s play time. The main features of this resume theme for WordPress are, of course, the ability to create membership packages, show user skill sets in star ratings, create a portfolio by adding extra files to resumes, display “available for hire” notification, contact forms and more.

ResumePress Free and Paid Membership Packages

It has come to my attention that most if not all PremiumPress themes have this function, which is also the primary way to make money with these sorts of themes. It’s not a bad thing, but it gets kind of boring already, so PremiumPress, come up with new revenue possibilities, please! And affiliate commission, advertising and email marketing are not new or original. Anyway, back to ResumePress. When you set up free and premium membership packages in order to build a community website and draw people in, you can entice visitors with extra content available for them to display on their resume if they purchase a premium package. How cool is that?!

Skill Sets

The stars look nice and are very easily understood, so when there’s a glowing row (be it long or short) of stars within a hollow row of stars it gives you a pretty good idea what the skill level they depict really is. Users can use this system of stars in their resumes for skills they have – it professionally enhances their online resume persona.

ResumePress Portfolio

By adding some files to resumes, visitors can make them look like portfolios. These files should contain their recent work and will therefore create a more complete picture – literally if you please – of a person in the eyes of the employer.

Available for Hire

This little note on your page can act as an alarm bell for employers – “Hey, I could hire this one; let’s see what they have here”. Useful.

ResumePress Search Tools

Creating an online community website without comfortable search settings would be quite bland. To avoid that, PremiumPress have installed favourite and saved search options within ResumePress that users can take advantage of when browsing through profiles.

Side Features

Each user has their personal contact form for inquiries from other members and communication in general. It’s also not entirely unimportant to say that ResumePress allows you to use most WordPress plugins and widgets for adding depth to your community site. You can also make use of ResumePress on WordPress network to target different industries and niches with resumes. You can upload category articles to your site too.

Last, but Not Least – Design Options

Every PremiumPress theme has this function, which is actually an integral part in the creation of any site for that matter. There are 10 color styles for you to choose from plus you can also tweak the layout and graphics.


Whoa, it’s 95.59 US dollars.

Did this code work for you?

For or Against?

I actually find this theme to be relevant and quite practical, because it reflects real life. Finding a job is very real and ResumePress can facilitate the success of that quest.

ResumePress Review advises – take a look at ResumePress.

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