Review Engine – Broad How-to Guide to the DailyWp Review Engine

Whether you review stuff for your site yourself or pay someone else to do it does not matter, because product reviewing is still a very effective way of making money in the Internet. If you are serious about getting that affiliate commission then you better make sure that your site is up for the task. It is said that “content is king” – it not a false statement, but it won’t stand on its own either. Content needs minions and subjects to be king – those underlings are the ones that make up the exterior and internal image of your site. What you need for a good review site is top-notch content, a nice design, a logical and easy-to use browsing system, and an infrastructure that includes everything that gives the visitor the best possible experience on your site. Now, all those goals are not exactly easy to achieve, but it is possible to do so by using the professional product review theme for WordPress – DailyWP Review Engine.

Review Engine - Best Professional Product Review Theme for WordPress

DailyWP Review Engine – What Makes It Good

Let’s start from the outside. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about a positive nuance related to this review engine theme is easy navigation and professional design. You are able to insert reviews about all sorts of products, arrange them into categories, and present products as “top products”, “top rated products” “recent product article” and so on – you get the idea. The point is that everything can be reached to find what you’re looking for – in addition, users can perform filter-based searches that guide them to products even faster. If that does not do the trick then the auto-complete search function will get them where they want at record speed.

Product Specification, Organization, and Comparison in the Review Engine

A good review site has to be flexible – it isn’t enough to just browse for products and find out about them, but a real comparison between various products will help people decide better. The specifications that make all the difference when filtering products for searching can be edited, assigned or deleted by administrators – by setting specifications to product types, they can then be displayed as “compared products”. Each product can contain information displayed in a tab system. The Review Engine tab management feature lets you add all sorts of info about products in tabs – be it videos, specs, or whatever.

Product Reviews

Product reviews can be written by members and editors. The difference between the two is this – editors are more professional members who know how to write better reviews and have a better understanding of what they’re reviewing so they increase the trustworthiness of your site. So if products have ratings (they can be rated with a five-star rating system in the Review Engine Theme), then it will be a two-way opinion – a compiled editors rating and user rating. The rating system meshes well with Google Product Search. In fact, it meshes so well that you might call those two a perfect match. Google Results will display your review ratings and you get to look like a pro – what a first impression!

Review Engine Product Articles and Suggestions

The theme does not only support just product reviews, but product articles as well – those provide neutral information about products such as news. In order to create an even better stay on your site for the customer, you can make use of the product suggestion feature. Product can be recommended by users – so if a visitor looks for a product on your website, but can’t find it, then a suggestion will pop up instead and greatly increase the odds of the person not leaving.

Facebook Support

Social network integration will not necessarily bring you more money, but will surely grant you more exposure. Users with a Facebook account can use the latter to log in to the Review Engine and spread the word if they want.

How Do You Get Paid

This is a product review theme, isn’t it? Chances are, if you write a darn good review, someone buys through your link and you get a commission. Of course, it’s not just as simple as that- there are lot of SEO-related business you have to attend and more -, but the good bit about the Review Engine is that it has an SEO tool that may make it easier to get interested readers to your site.

Something Else

The theme has an integrated mailing system that can be used to send mail messages to users. The DailyWP Review Engine is also compatible with a wide array of popular browsers, has a strong support team, and is constantly updated.

DailyWP Review Engine Price

The Review Engine theme single site license costs $119, and keeps the copyright initials in the footer of your review website. The developer license is $169, and contains PSD files + no obligation to have the copyright initials. The pricing is formidable, but so is the review engine – after all it is the best professional product review theme for WordPress.

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