ReviverSoft Registry Reviver Review – Speed up Your Computer by Cleaning Your Registry

ReviverSoft Registry Reviver ReviewI’m sure you’re no stranger to your computer freezing and slowing down occasionally. However, when your PC is abnormally slow, takes an hour to boot, and decides to crash after starting up, then you should think about a maintenance software. In this Reviversoft Registry Reviver Review I will introduce you a tool called… – you guessed it – that gets your registry back on its feet by removing the encumbering elements that have been accumulating for a long time.

Main Features of Registry Reviver

Being a registry cleaner software, Registry Reviver doesn’t come with any special features, nor should it have to. The tool is basically an all-automatic PC maintenance unit – you can schedule when it starts and what it scans, plus it can do it in the background and then close itself too. You can set Registry Reviver to create automatic backups after each cleanup, and make use of the startup manager module of the software.

Scanning and Repairing Registry Errors

After you have seen the alarming red sign “Attention needed” within Registry Reviver, the tool will then proceed to asking you what file-types and areas of your registry you want to scan through. These include, App paths, user shell folders, fonts, help files info, shared DLLs, ActiveX/Com objects and so forth. Once it’s done deep-delving into your registry, the software will return with error reports and offers to fix the problems. The user interface is easy to use and understand – with green, yellow, and red lights to indicate severity – and it’s a piece of cake to operate Registry Reviver.

Optimize and Backup Your Registry

Now that you have learned how to clean your registry with Registry Reviver, it’s time for you to ponder on optimizing and backing up your registry. The answer is yes, of course, because to defrag your registry means smoother performance, and if your registry becomes unstable after that, you can pick a backup that Registry Reviver creates automatically for you.

Reviversoft Registry Reviver Startup Manager

Consider this a sort of bonus, because it is a side feature that you could very manually handle yourself, but do not have to with Registry Reviver. The startup manager has simple one-click functions that make it possible for you to enable or disable some programs launching at startup. It’s nothing new that the more programs try to launch, the more time booting up will take.


Registry Reviver is yours for $29.99 – that is, it’s yours for a year! During that time you receive support and upgrades for your product, and if you decide that you don’t want Registry Reviver for your own, then make that decision within 30 days from the purchase and you can get a refund.


I conclude my Reviversoft Registry Reviver review by saying that this is a very useful tool for cleaning your registry. If you want to speed up your computer without breaking your budget, then try fixing software errors first – and start with Registry Reviver.

Try out the trial version of Registry Reviver before you buy!

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